A little over a week ago, I flew over to Singapore to see a music festival. And you probably already know this if you read the thing I posted before this but I just thought to repeat myself anyhow. That last post was sort of about what it was like before any bands started playing so this spread will be about the acts!

Yuck at Laneway SG 2012
I was in line around the block when Cults started playing so I missed that. It’s fine though because right when I entered Fort Canning Park, Yuck was about ready to play and they were part of why I flew to Singapore.

Yuck - Daniel Blumberg
Here’s Daniel Blumberg in denim on denim. I was first introduced to Yuck some time early last year when Carina made me a mix and stuck a Daytrotter version of “Shook Down” in there. I got their album soon after and found myself liking a whole bulk of it. Their songs are catchy and reminiscent of Dinosaur Jr. and some local OPM.

Yuck at Laneway SG 2012
From the beginning, I may have already lost it. Seeing them live in itself was nuts! The Wall! Getaway! Rubber! Shook Down! Georgia! The energy they had on stage was infectious. I think it also helped that I saw this set up close to the front with a lot of people I knew from back home. Everyone was jumping, dancing and singing along. There’s no room for shame when you’ve emptied your pockets for to head to a festival abroad. Props to Mariko Doi, for being so effin cool.

-Laneway Singapore 2012: Rewind continued>

Ah, Laneway! I have no words for how awesome it was. I’m actually typing now and I don’t know what to say. Let’s start with basics. St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival all began in Australia, it’s a big music festival that invites indie rock acts from all over the world to play around Australia. Recently, they extended the festival to Singapore which explains why I was there. Yes, tickets to Singapore from Manila are about 1/10th the price of tickets to Australia. Thank heavens.

It was really bright and sunny when we got there which was about 2pm. I wasn’t complaining though, I’d take the heat over the rain in a music festival any day. Any practical human being would’ve gone in shorts, sneakers and a comfy shirt. Please observe this first person perspective of our outfits.

Carina and I, for the most part, braved the crowd and stood close to the stage. Here’s an aerial view of Carina and the people around us just because my arms were too short to include myself in the photo without looking too dumb. Our feet hurt a lot because the ground was sloped. It reminded us about what it must feel like to be in heels all day. Heels = torture.

Tips for your next festival and what the ticket looked like!