Christmas Socks from Gold Toe

Gold Toe

A mysterious package arrived in the mail last week – it was an unlabelled gift. I haven’t waited to open presents on Christmas morning for a long time now (because I am a typical Scrooge) so naturally, I was curious.

Gold Toe
Even Peggy was curious! In the box, was a big personalized Christmas sock with 12 more socks inside. Thanks Gold Toe!

Gold Toe
The socks they sent me were all from their Elements line which is 70% more eco-friendly than most socks in terms of production. I don’t know how they tally the stats but that sounds pretty cool to me. Usually when Gold Toe comes to mind, I think of sports socks – it’s nice to see that they have all these different designs now. I’m usually drawn to striped socks so these were my favorite in the bundle.

Gold Toe
The package label boasts all the perks so there’s this thing called Tencel mixed in the fabric that keeps the socks high-tech. Gold Toe Elements socks are anti-bacterial, they manage moisture, prevent bacteria and are naturally cooling.

Really sweet of them to send something my way this Christmas! Thanks Celina and the rest of Gold Toe. 🙂

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  1. Haha, awesome – I remember Dad buying that brand for me back when I was in high school. Even though I already shifted to Uniqlo for my socks, he’s still a loyal customer!

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