Laneway Singapore 2012: Before the Madness!

Ah, Laneway! I have no words for how awesome it was. I’m actually typing now and I don’t know what to say. Let’s start with basics. St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival all began in Australia, it’s a big music festival that invites indie rock acts from all over the world to play around Australia. Recently, they extended the festival to Singapore which explains why I was there. Yes, tickets to Singapore from Manila are about 1/10th the price of tickets to Australia. Thank heavens.

It was really bright and sunny when we got there which was about 2pm. I wasn’t complaining though, I’d take the heat over the rain in a music festival any day. Any practical human being would’ve gone in shorts, sneakers and a comfy shirt. Please observe this first person perspective of our outfits.

Carina and I, for the most part, braved the crowd and stood close to the stage. Here’s an aerial view of Carina and the people around us just because my arms were too short to include myself in the photo without looking too dumb. Our feet hurt a lot because the ground was sloped. It reminded us about what it must feel like to be in heels all day. Heels = torture.

Armed with a ticket and later on these modified hospital bands, we were set to enter Fort Canning Park to join in on the festivities. There was a whole block of people in line and it took us so long to get inside we actually missed the whole Cults set!

I’d like to end this post with tips for myself and anyone else who cares to read this.

1. If you want to see everything (and get your money’s worth), go early. Line up maybe an hour and thirty minutes before the gates open because there’ll be a ton of people ahead of you if you don’t. Also, the early birds get to pick spots first.
2. If you want any band merch, be early. By the time I managed to get in front of the merch booth, they had absolutely ZERO Yuck shirts and ZERO The Drums shirts. Dammit. There was also ONE Feist shirt left… But I didn’t want a Feist shirt.
3. Even if the website says you can’t bring an SLR in, bring one. They didn’t check that intensively so a ton of people just snuck theirs in. Thinking Singapore would be by the book on this, I left my Canon 7D at home and just took an S95. Regret.
4. Even if they tell you not to bring water, try to sneak a bottle in. At Fort Canning, they were charging people SG$4 for a tiny bottle of water. In Singapore, a bottle of water usually costs SG$1.70 so I consider that to be train robbery. With some sense in me, I brought a bottle in and drank my cheap water. Whee!
5. Dress comfortably. A music festival isn’t a fashion show and if you want to get in front and cozy with the crowd, you wouldn’t want your outfit to ever be a hindrance.
6. Create your own survival kit and bring it! Doc Marten’s PR was kind enough to provide a lot of us with Doc Marten’s Concert Survival kits. These consisted of wet wipes that smelled really nice, a poncho (in case it rained), a laser pointer and a bottle opener. I’d add some alcohol and a towel if I thought of this sooner. Thank god for the guys at Docs!
7. Eat and pee beforehand! This is the most important. Food at the venue is tons expensive and the bathrooms aren’t too great!
8. Watch out for promos! And never buy your ticket at the door. We got our tickets ahead and at a 10% discount because Laneway had a partner promotion with Visa card holders. So if you paid for your ticket with a Visa card, you’d get 10% off! Getting a ticket at the door would’ve cost SG$150. We paid SG$124.50 for ours months back.


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