La Cabrera – 6750 Makati

La Cabrera 6750

I heard a lot of mixed reviews about La Cabrera when it opened, a lot of which were on the negative side so I wasn’t so bent on trying it. For Father’s Day though my dad really wanted to eat there so I went along with the plans and finally got to try their Argentinian steaks.

La Cabrera 6750
For starters, we ordered the Beef Chicharon Salad because my dad insisted on getting salad and my brother was curious about trying beef chicharon. The dressing had a vinagrette base and I do not like vinegar at all so I didn’t enjoy the salad. To be fair, I sampled the beef chicharon finger food style and was disappointed as well. It just tasted like old oil and flour, nothing beefy about it at all. I think it was fried earlier in the day and left to sit on a wire rack. It wasn’t even hot when it was served to us.

La Cabrera 6750
Any steak order at La Cabrera comes with unlimited side dishes. Here’s the lot of them and how they’re presented. I loved the idea. I mean, who doesn’t love unlimited sides? The sad reality is, RICE isn’t one of the unlimited side dishes served in this restaurant. Maybe that’s not how it works in Argentina but Filipino me immediately looks for rice at the mention of sides and steak.

La Cabrera 6750
Off the menu, they offer Plain Rice, Garlic Rice and Steak Rice. The steak and Steak Rice combo seemed to be the obvious choice and we had no regrets.

La Cabrera 6750
We ordered two huge steaks but I just have one bad photo of them so hear me out. The steak on the left side is the Bife de Chorizo Striploin in 800 grams (Php 2,980) and the one on the right is the Ojo de Bife Ribeye in 800 grams (Php 4480). We ordered both in Medium which might not have been so wise given that they’re served on a hot plate.

Ribeye the cut I always order. I think being so thick, the grilling then hot plate method didn’t work wonders for the steaks. This certainly came out more tender than the Striploin but I’m being generous when I say tender. The Striploin had a particularly tough and chewy consistency. I had to slice them small and thinly to be able to eat to my liking. In terms of flavor, there’s really nothing unique about it. Overall, it’s not terrible but if we’re spending this much I’d rather have steak at Mamou.

La Cabrera 6750
Among all the sidings though, I did discover three that I really liked – I made up names but I think the photos and description will be enough to identify them if you do end up eating there. The best of the bunch was the Carrot and Honey puree, coming from someone who doesn’t really like carrots this was spectacular. I thought the mash was balanced and both the honey and carrots gave it this subtly sweet flavor I couldn’t get enough off. I had 3 to myself that night. I’m not hot on corn either but I kept munching on that one cause it tasted so much like Pork & Beans but better.

La Cabrera 6750
My carnivorous dining companions that night. I think it’s mildly embarrassing that I eat more than my dad. He knows this so he orders a lot when my brother and I are with him. I think the unlimited sides were a big part of why he wanted to eat here in the first place.

La Cabrera 6750
Here’s a photo of me, pre-food. I may look OK but inside I was starving.

I won’t be finding myself back at La Cabrera anytime soon unless my appearance to a social function that requires to be there is mandatory. Don’t think the food is worth the price quite frankly. If steaks the highlight of the restaurant and we ordered the biggest priciest ones, then I expect better – better quality meat that’s cooked to perfection. There were some hits with the sides but the main event was kind of a flop.

La Cabrera Manila
6750 Ayala Ave Business Tower,
Glorietta Complex, Ayala Ave,
Makati City
(63) 905 290 0703
Operating Hours: 11am-3pm and 530pm-1030pm

    • Sarie said:

      Agree! Mamou is my favorite. Elbert’s was alright but I found it too pricey for how simple it was. Have you had the steak at Stockton Place yet? It’s super good.

      Let’s catch up soon please!

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