L.E.S. Bagels – McKinley Hill, Taguig

LES Bagels
Hello again, world. I haven’t had the chance to update my blog lately cause of work and real life stuff but now I’m back and because I have a life, I can fill this page up again with some posts. I was with Carina today and she was telling me about this new bagel place at the Fort, she read about via Pepper.

LES Bagels
I’m pretty picky when it comes to bread and bagels are pretty whatever to me so I just went along to check the place out. It was around 8PM already when we were there, so unfortunately they were all out of the interesting bagels. We just had ‘plain’ and ‘sesame’ bread to choose from.

LES Bagels
I wanted to get the onion bagel originally so I didn’t end up ordering anything. Since Carina really wanted to try this out, she ended up settling with a Sesame Bagel with a Sundried Tomato & Basil Cream Cheese filling (Php 180).

LES Bagels
Naturally, I took a bite out of her order and thought it was just alright. The filling was generous and good but too simple for me to actually want to pay for. It kind of bothered me that the bagel wasn’t warm. I guess I’m not much of a bagel person but to be honest, I thought the cream cheese filling would’ve been perfect inside a hot pandesal.

LES Bagels

LES Bagels
We were alone upstairs so we thought it’d be fun to play with their mirrors.

LES Bagels
From visiting, I learned that if you order just the bagel, you pay Php 40 but if you decide to fill them up with any of their fancy cream cheese variations you’ll need to add Php 140. If you do decide to head over and eat, I suggest you go early so you’re there in time for when everything’s still in stock.

L.E.S. Bagels
Tuscany Residences
Upper McKinley Road, McKinley Hill,
Fort Bonifacio
Tel. Nos. +632-804-0423 or +63915-258-5685

  1. That cream cheese better have bits of cherubs in it

    • Sarie said:

      I suggest you just buy some bagels and make yer own cream cheese!

  2. Tried their Bacon Cheddar, Strawberry, and Plain cream cheese. Bought small tub of each variants since they are very generous with the amount of cream cheese.

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