Japan Convenience Store Finds – Vol.1

Japan is convenience store heaven. There’s literally a shop in every corner. The hotel I’m in is surrounded by Family Marts – there are two here indirectly across each other at just 20 paces apart. When I travel, I like digging through groceries and convenience shops just to look around and sample the wares.

Japan Convenience Store
The Haagen Dazs Caramel Classic Crispy Sandwich is something I look for every time I’m in Japan.

Japan Convenience Store
My mom says it reminds her of sansrival. The wafer is really light and airy, the sides are coated in what tastes like caramel flavored white chocolate and the ice cream in the center is Haagen Dazs caramel – which is my fave.

Japan Convenience Store
Saw this on the shelf and I thought – Laughing Cow x Royce – not at all a bad idea.

Japan Convenience Store
Packaging is spot on Laughing Cow.

Japan Convenience Store
But the taste? Oh, man it tastes really effin’ weird – like chocolate flavored cream cheese. Not my thing.

Japan Convenience Store
I’ve been having a hard time finding Bikkle around here – this actually was not from a convenience shop but from the vendo. It’s a yogurt drink that’s a lot like Yakult but isn’t very sweet which is why I like it so much. Been searching far and wide, inside every Family Mart, Lawson and 7-11 only to find no Bikkle – so to the overpriced vendo it is – look for Suntory. Strange times we live in.

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