Kimpura – Greenbelt 5, Makati

Kimpura GB5

Every Sunday, I have lunch out with my mom’s side and last weekend we ate at one of my teppanyaki favorites, Kimpura. I just love Japanese food in general so take me anywhere good and I’ll be happy. I won’t be posting prices here because I have no idea how much the meal we had was thanks to my generous grandma.

Kimpura GB5
For starters, we had unagi rolls – grilled eel, teriyaki sauce and sushi rice. Very basic dish done right. I liked that they were generous with the unagi but would’ve prefered if this had a slice of avocado somewhere in there as well. I also realized while eating this that I don’t enjoy sushi when the rolls are too big to stuff in my mouth,

Kimpura GB5
If you want to be on the safe side, get Greg to be your chef! He’s the expert at toasting steak fat to those little crispy bits you won’t beat yourself up for eating. It was also nice of him to ask if we wanted MSG in our food. We declined.

Kimpura GB5
We had tempura, steak, oysters and fried rice.

Kimpura GB5
I do not have anything bad to say about fried rice. Ever. Don’t shoot me though when I say that I honestly kind of missed the MSG on this thing and generally, I thought it needed more black pepper.

Kimpura GB5
Buttery oysters with green bellpeppers and onions. Mmm… There were small pieces here and there, I wish they just served big oysters. Bigger oysters would’ve just made every bite better.

Kimpura GB5
Observe the mountain of fat and oil on the right hand side. Mmm…

Kimpura GB5
I’ve been eating organic grass-fed beef for almost two years now and I can honestly taste the difference, especially when served thicker cuts like steak. Grass-fed beef just has so much more flavor, it’s richer and just better quality in general. When I’m served corn/grain fed meat whether it’s from the US or local, I can tell. This steak was cooked well, medium, the garlicky buttery teppanyaki taste was there but the meat was just OK. It was tender, yes but I was missing its flavor. If you’re interested to know the difference between grass-fed beef and grain-fed beef, click this.

Kimpura GB5
At the end of every meal here there’s the promise free dessert. We were given a choice of fruit or ice cream. Since we were all feeling pa-healthy, we opted for fruit. Thankfully the pineapples were sweeet.

Kimpura’s probably the best restaurant I know to go to eat teppanyaki cooked right in front of you just because it’s the only one I know (apart from Inagiku, but that’s cheating cause it’s in a hotel). In the future, I hope they start offering grass-fed beef to improve their steak. Where is the best teppanyaki restaurant in Manila anyway? Share your thoughts in the comments.

4/F Greenbelt 5, Legaspi St
Legazpi Village, Makati
(02) 621-6791 to 93
*with branches in Greenhills and Trinoma

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