Just by being on this page, you probably already know how much I love food. By profession though, I make videos. I shoot a lot of client work ranging from web video content, viral videos, behind the scenes videos and the usual, event coverage. There are times though that my two loves get the chance to intersect. I’m starting a production company with some friends called, Seabiscuit Films and this is one of many collaborations we have up our sleeves.

We shot a couple of videos with The Fat Kid Inside, Erwan Heussaff and this is the first video in the series that I directed. The spiffy clean graphics are from Carina Santos and the songs I used for the video are from Some Gorgeous Accident. I had so much fun working on this considering the fact I got full creative control.

The video documents Erwan’s Grilled Mackerel Scad (Galunggong) with a singed Caprese salad so you can watch and learn. Don’t forget to click the link to get specifics!


I haven’t posted about this because I haven’t reconciled with the fact that I’m on a show. I’m used to being behind the camera, not in front of it but here it goes. I’m shooting and hosting a web series called Takaw Tingin. It’s a video project that aims to showcase Filipino culture and local destinations with food as its major highlight. I have 6 episodes coming out in total and the first one’s up. I apologize in advance for the second-hand embarrassment you’ll feel after watching my awkward self trying to not be awkward on tape.

Click the photo to watch! This was shot with a Canon Vixia HFM50 and a Canon S95. I’d like to thank Eyedress for letting me use Teen Spirits for the OBB; Nicky Daez, Sabs Bengzon and Jason Conanan for shooting with me and Roel Mendoza for the edit.

My mom’s leaving tonight for a month long vacation in the States with my grandma. She cooked a whole lot for our survival and left me a list of what’s currently in the freezer. As the eldest one around, that leaves me in charge of food and grocery shopping for when that supply runs out. My mom is the resident chef here and despite the fact that I’m not such an experienced cook, it is now my job by default.

For the fun of it, I’ve decided to document my kitchen experiments for the time being. Also, I’d like my mom to see how I’m progressing while running the house and such. Since my brother is also interested in kitchen matters (and on summer break), we’ll be helping each other out in this department. I have a bunch of recipes in mind already given the ingredients we still have here. If you know any simple ones though, please link them to me via the comments section of this post.

What the finished product looks like
This morning, my mom taught me and Yaya Jena how to make her famous Shredded Beef Tapa. First, you get a kilo of either beef ribs or kamto, season it with rock salt and pepper and leave it in the oven (covered) on Bake mode at 225-350 degrees.

Fresh outta the oven
Basically, you sit around a while and wait til it gets tender enough to shred into tiny pieces without much effort. This particular batch took 4 hours in the oven. Cooking, I find, takes so much patience. We shredded these beef cubes armed with two forks.

After shredding, you fry the shreds in their own oil. Trust me, they make a lot of oil. Add two big spoons worth of soy sauce and sugar, to taste.

Keep them frying until they’re crisp enough for you and that’s it!

You all probably think that all I do in my spare time is eat. I can’t exactly blame you considering that I mostly just post about food. Taking photos and telling other people about what I eat really just is a natural inclination. I think though, that before this space here becomes known primarily for food, I better start posting about other things too.

I try to see as many art openings as I can. I started going around mid-college when I learned that a lot of them were an arm’s length away from home. Gallery openings are always fun, there’s always an abundance of food, wine and the prospect of finding new artists to follow. I’ve gained a few favorites through the years and it’s just nice to see how their work evolves through the course of time.

The idea for Display came to me earlier this year because it always sucked when I had to miss a show. I wanted to find a way to make people feel like they weren’t missing out even if they didn’t have time to hit the opening. Display is primarily a web series that chronicles exhibitions and events within the Manila art scene. I already have 7 episodes up online so check them out.

Here’s the latest one I did. It’s a pretty cool show and it’s up til November 20, 2011 so catch it while you still can.

“Cosmetic Order” is a group exhibition by Oscar Floirendo, Claro Ramirez and Eric Zamuco at the MoSpace Gallery. The exhibit runs from October 22 to November 20, 2011. Mo Space is located at 3F MOs design Building, B2 Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Philippines. It’s the building right next to Krispy Kreme. The gallery is open daily from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.