Cocio Live in Manila

If you’ve been my friend for a while, you’ll know I’m crazy about milk. This is not a paid advertisement. I just am. When I travel, I always hit 7-11 to sample the local dairy. This is how I know Bangkok serves Yakult in 1L bottles. This is how I know Japan’s dairy can be both light and so creamy. Spain’s Cacaolat and Hong Kong’s Kowloon Dairy made me realize that milk tastes better when served in a glass bottle (vs the typical carton). So yeah, enough of that.

Cocio is here and it’s nothing short of amazing. It’s an old favorite from Denmark, may well be the best chocolate milk in the world and by an unbelievable stroke of luck, it’s available in the Philippines.

What I like about Cocio is its simplicity. They use just 3 ingredients: sugar, milk and cacao. There aren’t any additives so everything sinks to the bottom and you have to shake it well. I don’t like mixing and shaking stuff so to me, the gratification is delayed yet well deserved.

There are two variants: Classic and Dark. I’m particularly fond of the Classic for its balance. It’s light, creamy and I can drink 3 in one go if I’m feeling really fat. It’s not overpoweringly sweet yet the cacao still stands out which is what I love about it.

At the launch, they said the Dark variant was exclusive to the Philippines. If you’re looking for a bold, full chocolate taste, this is the one for you.

Out of curiosity, I tried mixing the Classic and Dark and heating it up. Something light and subdued melted in with bam in your face chocolate and I was sold. I dub thee The Clark and I suggest you try it this way. Double best.

For all interested readers, Cocio should be everywhere by now. Some friends of mine have spotted it already in Family Mart and Landmark for starters and the rest should follow suit.

Thanks to Jiv and the kind folks over at GeiserMaclang for inviting me to the launch. Non-required reading but here’s what the folks at Vice Munchies had to say about Cocio too.

Have you tried Cocio yet? If you have, which do you like better? Or are you weird like me and prefer the made-up Clark?

  1. I hope Merkado (the supermarket at UP Town Center) will carry this soon!

    • Sarie said:

      I hope the same for Merkado! But if it’s not there, you should hit Family Mart anyway. It’s really worth the Php 60.

  2. i love coco said:

    Hello, i share the same view with you! I had tried Cocio in Denmark and I can say that that’s the best coco milk I have ever had!

  3. i love coco said:

    i would to order it online and deliver to my home country but i could find no ways… pretty sad about it :< i wonder if somebody can deliver a box of Cocio to me…

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