The title shouldn’t be intimidating. In fact, it’s meant to make you all feel extremely generous. With Christmas day exactly a month away, I thought it best to compile a list of things I want. That way, nobody will waste their money on things I don’t want and people will have to get me stuff just because I have somehow brainwashed them with this post! Santa has no excuses, I am aware there is a pretty solid WiFi connection in the North Pole.

Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch
I’ve had my laptop since the summer of 2008. And while it’s in great working condition for regular tasks like typing on Word, surfing and sending e-mails, my career calls for something a little bit more sophisticated. I handle raw HD footage and edit a whole lot of videos so at the top of this list is the latest version of the 15 inch Macbook Pro.

I shoot a lot of videos and in low light situations LED lights come in real handy. The Yongnuo LED Light YN-160 is a great choice for this. It has barn doors, color filters, a hot shoe and 16 adjustable brightness modes. It retails for about P3800 in stores like PixelPro and Henry’s.

Next on the list is the “nifty fifty” which is also known as the cheapest prime lens ever created. I used to have a Canon 50mm f1.8 but it broke into a million little pieces because I was stupid so I want it still. This retails for P4100 brand new but in websites like TipidPC, second hand versions can sell for as low as P3000.

Yes, another work related item. Recently, I hijacked my teacher, Niña Sandejas’ monopod and now, I can’t seem to picture shooting without it. Since I have to give it back soon, I think I’m going to need a Velbon RUP-L43 of my own. This sells for P1800 in JT Photoworld along Pasong Tamo.

Magazine subscriptions! I don’t even have to explain why I want a Rogue subscription, it’s the best magazine in the country and this saves me the trouble of having to go out and buy it for P180 every month since they’ll deliver right to my doorstep. Monocle is something I’ve only been recently introduced to and it’s brilliant. It’s such a meaty magazine, I can barely afford it. An issue sells for about P1200 in Univers, Rockwell.

Next best thing to handknit socks
If you are someone who does not want to spend above a thousand bucks for my Christmas present, may I present you with other options. One can never have enough socks. My favorite ones are from Muji and sell for around P175 a pair. I don’t have these particular ones yet so let me thank you ahead! I like neutral colors. You know, Muji would actually be a great place to shop for me. I also like their planners (I need one for 2012) and kraft paper notebooks.

I am also a big fan of those liquid soap sets people usually give and gift cards from FullyBooked and Healthy Options. These are things I will actually use, appreciate and are much gentler on your pockets. I know, the work force these days for us fresh grads, pretty tough. Happy Christmas folks! And! If you expect a present from me, please tell me what you want!