Hello world!

I started this space on the web 3 years ago out of sheer boredom. I noticed I would spend a lot of time taking photos of food so when I was checking my vacation photos for posting on Facebook, I figured I’d write personal reviews on the restaurants I’d eat in so this was born. I guess you could say I’ve come a long way from 2011 and since I’ve been busy, I kind of forgot about writing here.

Currently, I’m still very busy as one of the managing partners and in-house directors at Seabiscuit Films, a video production house, etc. But having real adult responsibilities doesn’t mean I can’t keep this up. If you’re bored and still reading this, check out our latest reel.

Seabiscuit Films Reel – July 2014 from Seabiscuit Films on Vimeo.

I also got a new point and shoot camera. Sold the old one a few months back so I found myself taking less pictures on-the-go. Was toying with the idea of getting this new one for ages but couldn’t find a good reason until I was reminded of the blog. Convinced myself to get a camera to revive this thing so yeah, more posts soon – guaranteed. First RX100 Mk 3 selfie. Pambahay chic.
My face as of Aug 21 2014

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