Ooma Japanese Rice Bar – Megamall

I wrapped a commercial project today and it felt great! Had the final edit today with both client and agency and it all went smooth sailing. Yep, there aren’t really any holidays in my line of work. I’m babbling here cause I’m excited for it and it’ll be out on Monday so watch out for it since I’ll be flooding my online space.

Not too related but when I got home from a relatively long day (for a holiday) of work, my mom asked if I wanted to join her for a trip to Megamall. All things considered, I thought the timing was great and there’d be no traffic getting there and I was right.

Ooma - Megamall

Ooma Japanese Rice Bar is the second collaboration of Chef Bruce Ricketts with The Moment Group. I sure as hell am glad this place exists because as much as I’d like to practical budget restrictions don’t permit a weekly Mecha Uma visit. Ooma though is the kind of place I’ll find myself in every single time I am in Megamall. So yay.

I couldn’t find a phone number online so they listed us as the 28th diners when we got there around 7:30PM. The place was packed, the seats outside were full and it seemed that everyone was willing to wait. Mom and I did some shopping in the area and went back to claim our seats around 50 minutes later. Good thing I had a merienda worthy of a children’s party at the office so I wasn’t the least bit hungry. We were finally seated at 9PM and I took charge of ordering pretty much everything I was curious about so here it goes.

Ooma - Megamall
I ordered the Corn and Oyster Kakiage (Php 155) cause of all the hype surrounding it. Not much of a corn person (I try not to eat it – ever since I caught The World According to Monsanto) but I absolutely love oysters so I thought this would be a fine balance. I thought wrong. Fried and served with kimchi mayo and nori salt, corn was the majority shareholder of the dish with the teensy oyster as an afterthought. The oyster was really small, somewhat dry and I could barely taste it. The kimchi mayo was really good though but what would save this dish would be some fat juicy oysters.

Ooma - Megamall
Next up was the Spicy Tuna Maki (Php 245). This is something I order whenever I get the chance to. There’s a particular standard I look for when it comes to spicy tuna and Ooma’s was good – tightly packed, generous toppings, a gentle burn from the gojuchang aioli but what I missed were the tempura crumbs. The roll needed a bit more crunch to help it out but otherwise it’s something I’d probably order again after sampling the rest of the rolls.

Ooma - Megamall
The Hamachi and Kani Aburi Maki (P345) was on the sweet side with torched hamachi and teriyaki sauce. It was okay too but it tasted familiar. I think I’ll sample the other rolls before going back to ordering this one.

Ooma - Megamall
The highlight of my night was the Uni Udon (Php 495). My mom and I shared one and we both agreed that we’d get our own orders next time we headed back. The dish consisted of thick and creamy udon noodles fresh uni, shrimp, onion, fresh mushrooms, nori crumbs, scallion and a generous helping of uni cream sauce. So good, it’s not bland the typical cream-based dishes, the nori, uni and combination of everything else helped bring a tasty seafood tang to the plate.

Ooma - Megamall
The Hangar Steak (Php 495) was actually generous for the price. Prepared via sous vide the hangar steak was sliced thinly, served on a bed of sweet potato mash with truffle oil, ponzu butter and baby potato crisps. This would’ve been perfect if the potato crisps weren’t old and makunat by the time it got to us. First bite had the most distinct truffle flavor which was quite nice, meat was mostly tender – sometimes chewy but bearably so. There was a lot going on with this dish (the truffle, the sweet potato, the tartness of the pickle dressing, the bold flavor of the steak) but I liked it.

Ooma - Megamall
Here’s a shot of my lovely mama who was my date tonight. We enjoyed feasting together. Lol yup, what you saw was completely devoured by just two people. Hooray for us!

Ooma - Megamall
Just another shot of the Prom Queen – mixed in with all the sauce and elements tied together. If you only had money to eat one thing here, I suggest you let it be this.

Ooma - Megamall
Just for posterity and general internet logging, here’s my face: pre-food. So yeah, hungry and excited and feeling everything a normal person would feel after waiting the same length as a Holywood blockbuster to get a table for 2 at this restaurant.

Overall, Ooma’s definitely worth the trip to Megamall – near, far, wherever you are. Food’s good and I’d like to think you get what you pay for. Most of the items are unique to Ooma and that’s what’ll make people keep going back and wanting more. I have yet to try the dessert. I wasn’t a fan of the long queue and the long wait but hey timing is everything. If you find yourself with time to spare, preferably a weekday in the middle of the afternoon then go eat there. I’ll be back there too when there aren’t any people to compete with for seats.

Ooma Japanese Rice Bar
3/F SM Mega Fashion Hall
Edsa cor. Julia Vargas Ave.,
Ortigas, Mandaluyong City,
Metro Manila
10AM to 10PM
Ooma Full Menu

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