Sweet Ecstasy – Jupiter St. Makati

Sweet X Manila
I’ve been meaning to try Sweet X for a while now. I’d see photos their food on my instagram feed, hear rave reviews about onion rings when I’d bump into random friends but I never did get the chance to swing by until Aldous invited me to sample the wares at a blogger dinner.

Sweet X Manila
I really like how straight-forward the place is. It’s open, pay as you order and pretty much self-service. There’s a whole lot of parking space which is great – by my standards and the menu isn’t cluttered. They serve burgers, wings, sides and milkshakes and that’s pretty much it. Price point’s pretty good just between Php 140 – Php 230 for everything on the menu.

Sweet X Manila
The fries came first and these were made of real potatoes. I could tell by the skins. These were fried to perfection, crisp outside with a wet hot center. Found these to be a tad salty so I asked the staff for garlic aioli to eat with it. Yummy.

Sweet X Manila
The wings come in 4 flavors and I was lucky to sample 3/4. They all cost Php 220, whatever you get. That’s Soy Honey on the right and Buffalo on the left with some garlic aioli in between. Didn’t try the Soy Honey cause there was one order for 9 people. The Buffalo was great, had a nice spicy kick to it and they were crispy even with the sauce. I hate when wings get soggy after getting sauced up. Served with garlic aioli, it was nice but it’d be even better if they had blue cheese to keep it classic.

Sweet X Manila
Honey BBQ was nothing special. The chicken was fried perfectly but the sauce is the typical American BBQ you’d prefer to taste when chowing on baby back ribs. Take my word for it.

Sweet X Manila
Saving the best for last, their Sriracha Lime Wings are absolutely awesome. This is a taste I want in my mouth forever. Just imagine the combination: SRIRACHA + LIME. It’s spicy, tangy, crispy and juicy all in one unforgettable combo. I know I’ll order this every time I’m at Sweet X.

Sweet X Manila
I’m usually a sucker for onion rings but I kid you not when I say these ones rank pretty high on the charts. The batter is light yet crispy, it’s lightly seasoned and combined with their garlic aioli it’s an absolute knockout. Ordering this always.

Sweet X Manila
I’m not gonna lie. When they served us the Cheeseburger (Php 170), looks-wise it wasn’t mouthwatering attractive. I’m not much of a burger person but I thought this was pretty good. I had the sandwich open faced and I generally enjoyed the taste and quality of their beef. It’s your basic cheeseburger but it’s done just right.

Sweet X Manila
For dessert, I got a Strawberry Shake (Php 160) because they were all out of Green Tea which I was curious to try. Most of their milkshake options were rich, chocolate-based flavors so I wanted to stay away from that. Based on the shake I had, the consistency was nice. It wasn’t fat and thick like melted ice cream and it wasn’t sickeningly sweet.

Sweet X Manila
If you’re craving for some really good chicken wings, a decent burger and kickass onion rings, I suggest you head on over to Sweet Ecstacy. It’s really worth the visit. I’ll definitely be back for those wings.

Sweet Ecstacy
10 Jupiter St. cor. Asteroid St.,
Barangay Bel-Air

  1. Patricia said:

    I’d emailed you a while back looking for Atching Lillian’s saniculas recipe. I’m hoping it’s still available. Thanks.

    • Sarie said:

      Hi there, I’m sorry but when my old computer crashed, I lost the file with the recipe. Thank you for reading though!

  2. Kel said:

    Hi, Sarie! It was nice meeting you last night! 🙂

    • Sarie said:

      Hey it was great meeting you too! Thanks for checking out my blog!

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