Cable Car – Fort Strip, BGC

Cable Car BGC
I knew Cable Car to be a drinking place for high school and college kids tucked along Pasay Road in the same building complex as Ukkokei Ramen Ron. Learned about it through friends cause of it’s epic beer pong battles. Being a non-drinker and full-on lola, I was never presented with the opportunity to give the place a visit until Aldous invited me to a blogger dinner there. Yep, a dinner! I didn’t even know they had food.

Cable Car BGC
I think the kind of food they serve here caters to a particular market and it seems to be targeted to young guys who enjoy their food with beer. I swear, everything they served here was full on dude food. It’s the kind of food that guys who don’t cook would probably think of cooking for themselves.

Cable Car BGC
We started with the Sisig Spaghetti (Php 199) which is as straightforward as it gets. Had my doubts about it when it got to the table but I was surprised to find that it’s a strange combo that works. The sisig was generous and crispy too.

Cable Car BGC
The medium Heartbreaker Pizza (Php 650) was served next. It’s an all-meat pizza topped with ham and burger bits. I thought it was on the sweet side.

Cable Car BGC
I thought the Sizzling Seafood Aligue Rice (Php 249) looked pretty interesting but it lacked a bit of flavor in terms of taste. I liked that the seafood toppings were generous but I think this is something you have to eat with meat. It’s a good fried rice base but it isn’t best appreciated alone.

Cable Car BGC
The Buffalo Chicken Rice Melt (Php 199) is drunken comfort food defined. This was a rich dish consisting of buffalo chicken strips, a creamy, cheesy sauce on a generous bed of white rice. This would be awesome if you were drunk and hungry.

Cable Car BGC
Last was the Truffled Tapa (Php 350) which proves to be an interesting dish. You can’t go wrong with Pinoy tapa, two runny eggs, garlic rice with a dash of that truffle essence. The serving for this was generous which is great.

Cable Car BGC
Here’s what it looked like when I mashed it together. Mmm…

Cable Car BGC
To cap the night off, they served us a cocktail each. The Punyeta (Php 110) is what we like to call a traydor or a traitor. It’s the kind of drink that goes down smooth, tastes sweet like juice but will get you smashed as ever once you keep drinking. I don’t drink much so I had a sip.

Cable Car BGC
Here’s a shot of the beer pong tables they have outside. I also saw another game synonymous to battle ship but a giant drinking version. Seems to be the perfect place for college kids to unwind. If you find yourself here and drunk, don’t hesitate to try their dishes!

Cable Car
G/F The Fort Strip,
Bonifacio Global City,

2/F 822 Paseo Tesoro Bldg.
Arnaiz Avenue,
San Lorenzo Village,
Makati City

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