Hukad Boracay and WHY IT SUCKS

I walked past D’mall, saw Hukad and found the vibe of the restaurant attractive. Their menu board was out and had reasonably priced Filipino food. I was attracted mainly to the PHOTO of their baked scallops slathered in butter as well as the freshly roasted Cebu lechon belly right by the entrance. I was so wrong and wasted both time and money eating here.

It was 11pm when we were there for dinner and there was just one other occupied table next to our party of 3. The service was terrible. The staff didn’t greet us when we entered and I had to call their attention to hand me a menu.

When the food arrived, I felt totally ripped off. The baked scallops were so far from how they looked in the menu photo. What they served us were 8 pieces of pathetically tiny scallops – my thumbnail was bigger than the meat on those things. At Php 280 for a plate of 8, they came out to be Php 35 each. Yuck!!! It was absolute highway robbery!

Here’s a photo of it next to a regular sized spoon for comparison.

Both the garlic rice and Cebu lechon arrived not hot, not even warm but just room temp like it had been left out for the last 30 minutes.

Good thing we ordered the smallest order of Cebu lechon belly at 1/4th a kilo because this was basically a plate of fat with some bits of skin. This would’ve been fine if I wanted leftovers for some stray Boracay dogs but nope, I was expecting to eat this food. HELLO, what happened to the freshly roasting meat up front. This place is a joke. I know it’s a franchise from Cebu so whoever owns this should really manage quality control because it flat out sucks.

The laing was the only decent part of the entire spread since it arrived warm (again, not hot). It was mediocre at best lacking in flavor. The next morning though, my friend got food poisoning the next day from this – she was all puke and diarrhea. Probably from the coconut milk they used, maybe this was old.

I couldn’t take it anymore so I called one of the waitresses to complain. They heated up my lechon because they couldn’t replace it (I guess that’s the norm there. To serve a relatively cold plate of fat after baiting them with roasted meat out front). They replaced my garlic rice. I also asked if the scallops were really served that way to which she said yes. I guess they are aware they rip people off and this is how their business model works. Attract people with decent, modern branding and a nice, laid back, beach front ambience then rip them off by serving shit quality food.

If you find yourself in Boracay, avoid Hukad like the plague. I haven’t eaten in their other branches but since the restaurant scene is booming in the Philippines, there’s really no reason to waste your time in places like this. I should’ve searched for reviews online before even considering eating here. I hope those who read my review don’t make the same mistake I did. There are so many options to choose from in Boracay, don’t be fooled by the looks of this place.

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  1. On a more positive note, have you tried the Dampa over at Boracay? I can attest the seafood there was way better – beats the Dampa over at Libis, if you ask me. 😉

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