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The Wholesome Table
The Wholesome Table is this new-ish restaurant at Bonifacio High Street Central that serves organic, all-natural food. The general trend in eating these days is to go ethical – which basically means that we should think about the moral dimensions of what we’re consuming. Don’t eat at the earth’s expense. Carina and I decided to grab dinner there last Saturday to see what the hype was all about.

Honestly, the menu was overwhelming and there were a lot of interesting options I wanted to try. I was bent on ordering the meat loaf but Carina laughed so hard in my face so I retracted. Who orders meat loaf anyway? I know it sounds funny but the description sounded great – mashpo and all.

I decided to go all out. I thought, I’m at this organic restaurant might as well get something vegan. I got one of the two vegan options on the menu, the Vegan Burger (Php 390).

The Wholesome Table

When the order came, it was massive which is something I was really happy about. What I didn’t like though was that the patty was served to me at room temperature and that it was under-seasoned. As you probably might remember from my past entries, I’m not hot on bread so I had this burger open faced. Taste wise, I liked the onion jam a lot. I think it made the dish OK. The patty was crumbly and didn’t stay in place very well, it didn’t help that it didn’t taste like much either. Maybe I should’ve gone with the meat loaf.

The Wholesome Table
Carina didn’t feel like having meat that night either so she ordered the Vegetarian Bolognese (Php 490). I honestly wouldn’t call this bolognese, I find the name to be deceptive at best. They used tofu in place of ground beef which I felt really worked for this dish, they got the texture down perfectly so I did not miss traditional beef. What was lacking in this bolognese though was the tomato sauce… No trace of the red sauce, nope. I wish they just named this dish Cheesy Cream of Tofu Pasta since it was slathered in cheese and white sauce. This was better than the burger but also under-seasoned, some black pepper did the trick.

The Wholesome Table
All the smoothies in this restaurant come with a hefty price tag at about Php 250 on average. Carina had the Be in Bliss (Php 250) which contains carrot, orange, coconut meat, banana, mango, pineapple and lime. Sounds like a whole lot but when we tried the smoothie, we couldn’t taste the eclectic blend. It was pretty good though, blunt, not too sweet.

The Wholesome Table
I was looking forward to dessert. The first and last time I ate at Wholesome Table, I just caught up with friends and had panacotta which I liked. This time around I wanted to sample some of that organic duck egg Creme Brulee (Php 150). I was really excited too because I had the best leche flan in my life in Pampanga and it was made with duck eggs. I thought this would be at par. I was so wrong. This was the worst thing I ordered that night. The creme brulee was rough and dense like tamago, a far cry from custard. It was obviously overdone.

Overall, the Wholesome Table is still in the soft opening stage so I don’t know how much will change in the coming days. Maybe I ordered the wrong thing. I don’t know but to be honest, I enjoyed the ambiance of the place, everything it stands for and I like it in entirety conceptually – what was on my plate though begs for improvement.

The best thing about the place was that the waiting staff is commendable, they really knew their way through the menu and were so easy to deal with. I liked that they were attentive. Maybe I’ll be back when the hype is gone and see how things improve when they’re in full swing. It’s still too early to say.

The Wholesome Table
UG/F Bonifacio High Street Central, 30th St cor 7th Ave
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
Phone: 867-0000

I hadn’t been to Wabi-Sabi until just recently even though I’ve been to The Collective already a countless number of times. I’m always there for gigs which start late all the time so the shops are mostly closed. On this particular trip, we had a terrible dinner at Bamm so super unfulfilled, Carina suggested we drop by Wabi-Sabi to grab another bite.

Being a noodle house, the place is known for two dishes: the Fernando Pho Jr. and the Ramen Padilla. I’ll be back for those cause I was too full already from the awful attempt at Chicken Doener (from Bamm). This is my silly girl doing her best Oblina impression.

We ordered palette cleansers in the form of Thai Milk Tea (Php 50) and Lemongrass Tea (Php 45) which came chilled and in these big glasses. They were quite good too since the sweetness was blunt. I don’t like overtly sweet drinks or artificial ones; these were good as home-brewed. I was also super curious so I ordered a slice of Vegan Chocolate Cake (Php 75) which tasted just as good as regular chocolate cake. How unbelievable is that?

And we shared an order of Vegetarian Gyoza (Php 100), just cause. I really love gyoza so trying this was a pleasant surprise. I think they stuffed it with mushrooms instead of meat. It was so tasty and it didn’t taste wrong or off. Definitely ordering this again.

Wow, the food at Wabi-Sabi was exceptionally cheap and good too. I’ll be back for sure. This place is a rare gem in over-priced Manila; you can get awesome food without breaking the bank. Plus, it’s probably healthy too.

Wabi-Sabi Noodle House & Vegetarian Grocery
7274 Malugay St., Brgy. San Antonio, Makati
(Located at the back, right side of The Collective)
Telephone: +63918-450 1714

I go to Baguio with my family at least once in a year and never have I ever heard about Oh My Gulay! It’s a relatively large cafe owned by world renown filmmaker Kidlat Tahimik who also happens to be a Baguio City native. My friend insisted that we’d dine in the vegetarian cafe on one of our last days there. We had a tough time finding the La Azotea Building even if it’s right smack on Session. Upon entering the building, you’ll find that it’s pretty cramped and retro based on interior. The building’s old and it was no shocker that it was since a lot of the architectural structures in Baguio are old anyway. When we got to the top most floor though, I was in for a real treat.

Oh My Gulay! The place was huge. In fact, this is just the bottom half of it. The waiter seated us at the upper balcony area which overlooked the other building tops on Session. It was really, really pretty and unexpected reminiscent of Peter Pan’s Neverland. The balcony area we were sitting on was a boat like structure, kind of like Captain Hook’s ship. Also, I have a thing for high ceilings, if you must know.

Their menu was pretty simple and consisted of different sorts of appetizer and pasta dishes. Since it was a cafe, I thought to order a cup of hot chocolate which to my dismay, tasted exactly like Swiss Miss. Nothing at all like the wonderful cup I had in Cafe by the Ruins. Don’t order this, you’re better off buying sachets in the grocery.

For my main dish, I ended up ordering the Kabute (P100) which consisted of pasta sauce made of mushroom, cheese and milk. Looks can mightily be deceiving. The noodles were far from al dente, they were mushy and soft. Exactly how I do not like them. The sauce was bland and the mushrooms were scarce. This tasted like milk mush in my mouth. Do not order this unless you are 5 years old and below.

My friend got the Anak ng Putanesca (P120) which was better than the Kabute but not by a lot. It had the same mushy noodles. The veggies tasted fresh but the sauce itself was a tad too sweet. Way too sweet to be a pasta dish. Order if you like sweet pasta, in my case, I didn’t like this.

It’s kind of a shame that the photo I have of the only dish I actually liked from OMG! is a blurry mess. This is the Talong Parmigiana (P120) which consists of breaded eggplant atop bread with pomodoro sauce and basil. This was quite sweet too but it meshed well together.

Verdict: It’s an experience to dine here and while the food isn’t particularly great, the ambiance is a pleasant surprise. Prices are quite reasonable in my opinion. Again, don’t order what we ordered cause they didn’t turn out spectacularly.

Oh my Gulay, Baguio
5/F La Azotea Bldg., Session Road
Baguio City, Benguet