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I caught two shows at Philippine Fashion Week last night and had a sudden craving for beef. Having
steak wasn’t an option because it was way over budget. I resolved this by making it my sole mission to find the yakiniku place I ate in once years back (after that John Mayer concert).


We found Tajimaya after a helpful ladyguard informed us of it’s whereabouts. “Second floor, behind Abe” were all the instructions we needed. You’ll find Tajimaya overlooking the bay in an area that seems to be reserved for just restaurants. If you see a Ferris wheel when you’re walking towards the balcony, you’re on the right side of the mall.


The best thing I didn’t know about Tajimaya was that they have a YAKINIKU ALL YOU CAN option in the menu. For the reasonable Php 420 price tag, you can stuff yourself silly with beef, pork and chicken. There’s actually sausages and fishballs that come with the package, but take my advice and tell them not to bring those out. To keep hoarders away, people who leave any leftovers have to pay extra.

There’s an Eat All You Can option with Unlimited Rice and Salad that goes for Php 580 but we too big on rice that night so we decided to get a bowl for Php 65 instead.

What makes Tajimaya different from other Yakuniku places is that they actually use charcoal grills. Not the electric ones with just a flame in the middle. This wholly contributes to the fresh grilled taste of their meat.


The meat for the EAYC deal was good quality angus. I told them to show me a plate of it before being set on the meal. It was perfectly sliced and had enough fat and marbling to keep me satisfied. In fact, when meat’s sliced this thin, all the marbling and supposed tenderness doesn’t make much of a difference.

This grilled like a charm and was juicy good as ever. Like mini-steaks in my mouth with every bite. The dipping sauce was great too and it helped that they had the chili paste and garlic paste at the ready, right on the table. My mouth could repel vampires with it’s superhuman garlic smell. Yum.


I’m (sadly) allergic to pork but I couldn’t resist Tajimaya’s thinly sliced pork strips, seasoned in just salt and pepper. It was basically a bacon-grilled liempo explosion. Too good.

The chicken they brought out were strips of thighs (thank god for dark meat) and were nice to eat as well. Although, I’d really focus on the beef if I were you.

At the end of the day, Therese, Carina and I all consumed 10 plates of beef, 2 plates of pork and 2 plates of chicken. My advice is that you have the waiting staff bring food out little by little so you can monitor how much you can handle. Thankfully, we were all starving and pretended our bellies were bottomless pits last night.

Tajimaya Yakiniku
Seaside Veranda, SM Mall of Asia,
SM Central Business Park I, Bay City
Pasay City, Metro Manila
Phone Number:(+63 2) 556-8929
Open: Monday to Sunday 10:30AM to 11:00PM
Closed from 1PM-5PM everyday

***They’ll be opening a branch in One Rockwell this June so Makati carnivores, get ready.