Sunshine Kitchen – The Fort, Taguig

There was a time I kept seeing photos from Sunshine Kitchen come up on my Facebook feed. Always photos of friends, cross-posting via instagram. Only one thought filled my mind everytime I’d see them, WHERE IS THIS PLACE? When can I get my hands on that beautiful Pizza al Nero?

Sunshine Kitchen

Next thing I knew, I found out the place was just at the Fort so when Carina and I didn’t know where to grab dinner we just headed straight there. It was almost 10PM but a quick online search told me they were open til late.

Sunshine Kitchen
Of course, we ordered the 6-Hour Slow Roasted Porchetta (Php 480) to share. We decided we’d save getting pizza for another time cause we weren’t as hungry as we thought. Getting this was a no brainer, it’s basically an Italian lechon recipe and tough to get wrong. Problem was, I feel like we headed over at the wrong time. The meat was tender and tasty but the skin was hard and chewy. Far away from the experience I expected, peeling the skin off with my fingers and biting into it to find a resounding crunch. Maybe it was cooked at lunch, reheated in the oven and served to us at 10PM? I’ll never know but somehow I felt that this couldn’t have been right. The rice pilaf and green beans on the side were generous and good as well, keeping the Pinoy appetite in mind.

Sunshine Kitchen
Served with freshly baked rolls, the Creamy Crab and Shrimp Dip with Artichoke (P 380) was brought to us piping hot. I’m really particular about the temperature of my food so I enjoyed this. The serving was generous, there was a lot of crab meat, shrimp and artichoke in this and the bread was good. This falls into the category of baby food in my book though cause it’s pretty safe-tasting, comfort food too for someone who likes thick, cream based stuff.

I still keep reading rave reviews about this place and that’s enough to get me back in there. I’d probably go back at lunch just to get a decent serving of Porchetta. I’m getting curious about the stuff of dreams every other review I read on the internet talks about, the melt in your mouth tender meat paired with skin so crisp. I’d also like to give their squid ink pizza and Cabanatuan longanisa a shot. Til next time, I guess!

Sunshine Kitchen
2nd Floor, Fort Pointe Building,
The Fort Strip,
5th Avenue, Fort Bonifacio,
Phone: 0929-813-9775

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