St. Anselm – Brooklyn, New York

St. Anselm was one of the places I wanted to try in New York. I read an article about it in the New York Times when I was in Manila and “affordable, good quality steak” kind of just stuck. It was the last meal I had in New York and I got to spend it with Roxy, Bobbie and her college friend, Patrick.

St Anselm

Bobbie told me the place was pretty popular so we signed up for a two hour wait and sat at the bar next door to pass the time. The same guy who owns the bar and St. Anselm, owns Fette Sau as well, a backyard BBQ spot on Metropolitan Ave (which I’ll probably write about as well).

St Anselm

Since we were four, the plan was to get the Masami Ranch Axe Handle Rib Eye ($1.90 per ounce) and split some sides. The steak we got weighed about 55 oz so it was about $104.50 total. Really not bad at all.

St Anselm
Patrick and Bob, also a reference for how big the steak actually was. Do compare.

St Anselm

Apologies for the flash photography, I was going for a campy look. We wanted the meat medium rare and ordered it ahead cause they said it’d take pretty long to grill. It came out hot and with a generous dollop of herb garlic butter. Meat was tender and seasoned well and it really was quite good.

St Anselm
So good in fact, that we wiped it out completely.

St Anselm
Here’s a happy shot of Roxy, who told me she really wasn’t much of a steak person but she actually enjoyed this meal.

St Anselm
We got two sides, first up was thePan-Fried Mashed Potatoes with Truffle Oil ($7) which actually was awesome despite the fact it didn’t taste like it was made with truffle oil at all. I could’ve sworn these were garlic mashed potatoes. Either way, I was happy.

St Anselm
The waiter said Ramps ($5) were in season so we got that as our second side dish. Kind of reminded me of spring onions, they say these are wild onions or something. Found it a tad too salty so I wouldn’t order it again.

St Anselm
Me, happy in New York (May 2013). I freaking miss sweater weather and just hanging out. 😦

St Anselm
To cap the meal off, we had the Salted Caramel Pot de Creme. Pot de creme is actually french for custard which must’ve been really fattening so we all just shared. This was heaven in my mouth though, loved how the whipped cream, sea salt crystals and rich caramel custard all came together.

St Anselm
A closer look at the perfect bite.

If I could teleport to Brooklyn, I’d definitely head back to St. Anselm. I’m actually curious about the el-cheapo option, the Butcher’s Steak with garlic butter ($16). That would’ve been something I’d order if I were there alone. The Salted Caramel pot de creme is worth a visit in itself. Man, I miss New York.

St. Anselm
355 Metropolitan Ave.,
Brooklyn, NY 11211
nr. Havemeyer St.
Subway Stop: Bedford Ave.

  1. Liana said:

    Nice! 🙂 New York is full of little gems; wish I had more time to explore.

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