Grace Park – One Rockwell, Makati

Yesterday, my family and I had lunch at Grace Park for the first time. I didn’t know what to expect, given that I always thought it was going to be some Korean restaurant when it was still boarded up. I was happy to find though that it’s Gaita Fores’ newest business venture which reflects Italian-Filipino farm-to-table, organic food.

Grace Park
The menu was light and clipped to a recycled piece of cardboard. Skimmed through it quick and knew I wanted the Muscovado Beef Belly so that’s exactly what I got.

Grace Park
For starters, we had Fried Field Mushrooms with Asiago Cream (Php 280) which I thought tasted rather bland without the dipping sauce. The mushrooms were deep fried in what resembled tempura batter and I thought the cheese sauce balanced it out quite well. This was just okay probably not something I’d order again. I’d rather take my chances on the Baked Chicharon which we didn’t get to try.

Grace Park
My brother had some Cauliflower Clam Chowder (Php 225) which was creamy and had big clam pieces. Wish it came in a bread bowl though, those are always the best.

Grace Park
Mom got the 3-page Salad with Honey Dijon Dressing (Php 220) which she liked. I didn’t try it so I can’t say how it tasted.

Grace Park
Before I talk about my food, I’d like to post photos of other people’s food. Here’s a shot of half an order of Fettuccine Truffle Cream Pasta with Organic Egg (Php 550) which was my lola’s. It smelled really awesome from across the table, magic truffle oil.

Grace Park
My brother got Chicken Parmigiano (Php 510) which I didn’t get to try because I didn’t ask him and I guess I just generally wasn’t in the mood for tomato sauce. Yes, I like run-ons. Now what.

Grace Park
My cousin got the OMG Burger (Php 795) which is like, OMG so expensive for a burger. It’s got double beef patties, a thick slab of bacon, a lot of cheese and this unique bread I don’t have the chops to identify. Tell me what it is, the top bun looks like it has dinosaur scales. It was pretty darn yum but nothing mind-blowing and in all honesty, with my own money, I would not pay for a $20 burger.

Grace Park
Here’s my order, Muscovado Beef Belly (Php 510) and it came with some roasted potatoes and greens. I looked at photos of this online and saw cherry tomatoes, was a tad jealous I didn’t get those but I was too hungry to ask. Ate there on a Sunday and service was particularly slow even if we were one of the first to arrive there. I had my food in around 45 minutes. So yeah, I was starving.

Grace Park
The belly was generally tender in parts but the bottom layer was kinda stringy, chewy and just didn’t have that melt-in-your-mouth quality you generally expect from slow-roasted meat. I thought the muscovado glaze was unique and tasty and appreciated the caramelized onions atop the beef, wish there was more though since I’m kind of an onion fiend. I’d probably order something else next time since I prefer Cibo di M’s catered Beef Belly to this one.

Grace Park
Since Grace Park’s a pretty new restaurant, I think some entrees are kind of hit or miss so I’d give it a little more time before going back. Service was efficient but rather slow. I say this because they were quick to refill our glasses but when my lola asked for some parmesan to go with her pasta, it literally took forever to the point that I had to walk to the bar to get it myself. Over all, I loved the look of the place and the concept though so I’ll be back to try their other stuff. I think for the quality, prices are reasonable.

Grace Park
beside Bizu
One Rockwell,
Rockwell Drive,

Open 11 AM to 3 PM and 6 PM to 10 PM
PLDT: 843-PARK (7275)

  1. I’ve been hearing mixed reviews about Grace park, and I’ve been intrigued by the Muscavado beef Belly since another blogger friend told me about it.. prices seems a bit too rich for my blood hehe 🙂

    • Sarie said:

      Yeah, I heard mixed reviews as well. The muscovado glaze is interesting but when I’m craving beef belly, I know I’ll head over to El Cirkulo instead.

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