Been Around and Back


So the blog’s been kind of quiet lately. It’s cause I’ve been out of the country travelling for a while. It’s funny, because I haven’t touched my laptop in over a month I had to get my password reset cause I couldn’t figure it out. Got home last night from a month long New York visit so I have a lot of posts coming up, hopefully I get to weed through the 10GB of photos I snapped.

Chillin at the Park

Before crossing continents, I actually also spent the first week of April in Japan so I have a bunch of Osaka-based posts lined up as well so check this space from time to time.

I kind of get overwhelmed just thinking of all the pictures I have to sort thorough but whatever, I’ll get that done in time. For now, here are some photos from both trips just to give ya’ll an idea of what’s to come.

Sukiyaki Udon

Gion Yutaka Chef


Fushimi Inari

Empty ramen bowls

st anselm


shake shack

  1. Carina said:

    Lovely pics! Can’t wait to read through all of them. 🙂

    • Sarie said:

      Thanks my bean. I don’t think I’ll have very many words but the photos should do. Haha

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