My Singapore Food Street – Megamall

I haven’t been on the blog a lot just cause I’ve been swamped with work. The current backlog is kind if immense so bear with me. I was invited to an event last month at Megamall for the opening of My Singapore Food Street. The old restaurant was called Orchard Road and it resembled a typical hawker center. My Singapore Food Street is run by the same people behind Orchard Road. They changed the look up a bit because they wanted something more streamlined. There’s a main booth now where folks and queue up and order instead of a bunch of different stalls.

My Singapore Food Street
My Singapore Food Street is the brainchild of AFC celebrity chef Vivien Tan, who actually grew up in Singapore and describes most of the dishes they serve here as her kind of comfort food.

My Singapore Food Street
For starters, we were served Croquettes (Php 80) and Spring Rolls (Php 100). I found the croquettes to be kind of bland, it was mostly just a deep fried potato ball so if you’re into that, try it. I thought the spring rolls were quite nice, filled up with pork and a hint of some prawn. It is also safe to note that I am a sucker for sweet chilli sauce.

My Singapore Food Street
Next up, was the Hainanese Chicken Rice Meal (Php 195). This is a Singaporean favorite and just because my mom makes this spectacularly here at home, my standards for a good chicken rice are through the roof. For the price though, this looked small but it filled me up. It’s pretty decent and you can have as much sauce as you want.

My Singapore Food Street
I had a funny realization at the launch. It was going to be the first time I ever tried Laksa (Php 185). I don’t usually gravitate towards soup dishes but this was pretty interesting. I am no laksa expert but I know this is a prawn based spicy soup. Honestly, it reminded me of an extra spicy pinakbet thanks its heavy coconut milk base.

My Singapore Food Street
I enjoyed their Nasi Goreng (P175) which is a spicy fried rice topped with scrambled egg. Ask them for sambal to give it an extra spicy kick.

My Singapore Food Street
I photographed this lovely Char Kwey Teow (Php 195) dish on display but since they did not serve this to us I did not get to try it. 😦 The kwey teow in SG has cockles but Vivien said since they’re hard to come by here, they took it out.

My Singapore Food Street
For dessert, I had a Milo Dinosaur (P110) which is basically a chocolate shake made with Milo and topped with it in powder form. I thought this was kind of slushy.

Overall, if you’re craving for Singaporean food and want to get it at hawker prices, look no further. I’ll definitely be back to try their Char Kwey Teow.

My Singapore Food Street
2F Bridgeway, SM Megamall
895 1777

Disclaimer: I was invited to this event so all food was free. All opinions here are honest and mine.

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  1. I didn’t know they’ve already opened. It was still under construction the last time I passed by the place.

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