Wrong Ramen – Burgos Circle, The Fort

Wrong Ramen
I heard about Wrong Ramen months ago from Dwight (of Pepper.ph) when it was still in its planning stages and now it’s up and running. I’m glad that there are people in the country toying with different concepts for restaurants and the fact that the food culture in Manila really is growing. I think people are more open to the experimental and experiential nature of eating which is precisely why restaurants like this exist!

Wrong Ramen
Wrong Ramen is pretty straight forward about what it is. They have posters upstairs which echo their philosophy and one of them asks this question: “Would you rather do right ramen wrong? Or wrong ramen right?” Definitely, wrong ramen right. I enjoyed the Dan Matutina art, the posters and the scrabble tiles on the walls. The interiors and how they fixed the place up is worth noting, it’s super cute. On to the food!

Wrong Ramen
My mom got the Wrong Ramen Tantanmen (Php 395). Carina wanted to get the Sea Men Ramen (Php 345) but they didn’t have it that day so she got the Tantanmen as well. They were both pretty happy with their orders. I tasted it and liked that the broth was full and nutty except I wanted it to be spicier. Right now the menu describes it right, their Tantanmen really has a spice kick you only get as an aftertaste. Absolutely loved the combination of the ground pork with chashu bits. I liked it so much that when Carina and my mom were full, I dug through their bowls for the leftover meat. Comparing this to Ukkokei’s Tantanmen, nothing beats that still.

Wrong Ramen
Wanting to get something “wrong”, I braved an order of the Buffalo Chicken Tsukemen (Php 445). Generally, I really like buffalo chicken so I didn’t think this was much of a risk. Tsukemen’s what they call dipping ramen and in this case, I had a buffalo sauce soup base to dip my pepper coated noodles and chicken karaage in. The soup base had bits of bleu cheese floating up top. I tried the soup first and it got the buffalo flavor down pat, perfectly Franks Red Hot Wings in a consistency welcoming enough to swallow as a somewhat sour soup. I tried the noodles alone and they were perfectly al dente, bouncy as it should be. I liked the karaage on top, it was good and fried to a crisp. Only issue was, I found the karaage so little maybe 2 more pieces would’ve been perfect.

Wrong Ramen
I didn’t really treat this as a dipping ramen cause I found that when I dipped the noodles in the soup, the pepper just got lost in the broth. I’d scoop the soup up first, fill the spoon with rolled noodles and take a bite of my karaage. I thought this was perfectly executed but it’s really not for everybody. I can’t say I’d order this again because biting into my mom’s order made me wish I opted for a more traditional ramen instead. It’s just a preference kinda thing. Kudos though, they pulled this off.

Wrong Ramen
For starters, we got the Enoki Fries (Php 150) just cause it sounded so interesting. These were really good but I couldn’t seem to appreciate that these were mushrooms. They were light, peppery and salty, just a nice fried little snack. I don’t know if it would’ve made much of a difference if extremely thin potatoes were used. I imagine these would taste amazing as onions too.

Wrong Ramen
When they asked what I wanted to drink I asked if they had any Calpis water. They said they didn’t but towards the end of our meal they brought out some home-made Calpis shots and Kitkat. Gah, calpis is so good and refreshing it reminds me of a combination of Yakult and Pocari Sweat.

Wrong Ramen
I think Wrong Ramen‘s definitely the kind of place you should check out if you’re looking to try something new. If you want hardcore authentic Japanese food, this isn’t the place you’ll get it so don’t expect that. To me, it was worth the visit and I’ll be back soon to try the rich version of the Wrong Ramen Tonkotsu (Php 380). I think that’s their flagship dish.

You’ll find Wrong Ramen at between the Apple store and the skate shop in Burgos Circle, Fort Bonifacio. If you need more info or want to make a reservation, call 823-8249.

Disclaimer: I am friends with the owners and the meal I had was free. I’m completely honest with my opinions here and I wasn’t paid to write this.

  1. bob uy said:

    Carina wanted to get the Sea Men Ramen (Php 345) but they didn’t have it that day so she got the Tantanmen as well. — SEA MEN Ramen hahahaha. Sorry but i think i know why its out of stock. Mebe the male cooks are busy whole preparing tantanmen so they dont have time to make some SEA-MEN hahaha Sorry but i jsut cant help it.

    • Sarie said:

      Hahahahaha oh you dirty mind you!!! My friend pointed the same thing out on Facebook.

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