Cafe Le Caire – Arab St. Singapore

I met Alex back when we were Prep or something and bonded over dogs, Ghostwriter and the Power Rangers. She’s one of the friends I’ve had the longest and she’s been living in Singapore for a little over a year. Last time I was in Singapore, she kept telling me about some Lebanese place with the best hummus ever. I didn’t get to eat there cause we were tons hungry and in the mood for other stuff so we ate in Cafe Le Caire which was right next door.

Cafe le Caire - Singapore
Since Shawarma’s something I ritually crave for and the kind of dish I can eat all time time, I ordered a Chicken Shawarma Plate (SG$13). The waitress there was Pinay and she recommended the beef but they ran out so I had chicken instead. By far, this is the tastiest chicken shawarma I’ve ever had. Just look at it. It was extremely well seasoned and I liked the touch of fried onions on top of the rice. The only downside is, they dont serve garlic sauce with it. You have to pay extra for some garlic yogurt sauce though which I find kind of annoying.

Cafe le Caire - Singapore
I forgot what Alex’s order was called but she got the Daud Pasha (SG$9) which are lamb meatballs cooked in a tomato-based stew. I didn’t get to try this but she said it was really good and she finished it all along with her pita bread.

Cafe le Caire - Singapore
This is Alex looking at the menu! I think this was a post-Laneway celebratory lunch of some sort because she got an awesome job at Google. She treated me for this one so thank you, Lex!

Cafe Le Caire
Address: 39 Arab St, Singapore 199738
Phone:+65 6292 0979
Transit: Bugis


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