Frosted Desserts – Maginhawa, QC

Frosted Desserts
Since we were already in the Katipunan area for Chubby Chicken, we decided to stop by Maginhawa to grab some milk tea. Driving along though I was distracted by this bright pink tarpaulin that announced the soft opening of a new dessert place. And this is how we found Frosted.

Frosted Desserts
It’s pretty obvious when you enter that this is a cupcake shop. The owner was there when we dropped by and said they had been open just 3 days. They 12 different flavors on display and they’re all baked fresh.

Frosted Desserts
From this batch, Carina got the Mr. Grey (Php 65) and just by the name you know it has to have Earl Grey tea in it. I liked how light and sweet the frosting tasted but how intense the Earl Grey flavor was in the actual cupcake.

Frosted Desserts
I wanted to buy all four of these flavors while I was there. S’mores had marshmallow icing with crushed graham inside the actual cupcake. Banana Nutella and Banana Walnut for obvious reasons.

Frosted Desserts
I ended up with The King (Php 65) which had a banana cake base topped with peanut butter icing and caramelized bacon. Genius. I absolutely loved this and couldn’t stop talking about it and thinking of it even hours later when I was at an edit session. The bacon on top was crispy salty sweet, melted in my mouth and was the perfect topping for this kinda cupcake.

Frosted Desserts
Only two cupcakes were in the ref and I’m pretty curious as to how the Ube one tastes. I usually like ube cake anyway.

I find the cupcakes here so good it’s almost worth travelling all the way to Maginhawa for. I’d seriously drive over if the traffic weren’t so bad. They actually deliver if you text them. They’ll just charge you a delivery fee on top of the items you get so I can only factor in how sulit this is if I order a lot which I shouldn’t do because I am trying to lose weight. If you’re in the area though, stop by and you wont be disappointed. Take some home na rin cause you’ll probably end up craving them soon enough.

Frosted Desserts
(between Tomato Kick and Simple Line Tea)
57 Maginhawa St.
UP Teacher’s Village,
Diliman, QC Philippines
0926 739 7377

    • Sarie said:

      Bring me gifts from the north, bring me cupcakes!

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