Udders Ice Cream – East Coast, Singapore

Udders SG
On my second night in Singapore, my tita took me to Udders along with two of my cousins. I remember the first time I went to SG in 2011, she’d already mentioned the place to me. I only got to try it this last trip though on my fourth Singapore visit. We drove by after dinner around 9PM and the place was packed.

Udders SG
The space was big but not big enough for the flocks of young people hanging around in there. Since the my tita’s house was near the area, we said we’d just buy a bunch of cups and leave.

Udders SG
There were a lot of unique flavors and I did my best to sample the lot of them; the Indian Mango sorbet was completely spot on and refreshing. The durian variant didn’t give me a headache and tasted nice and creamy. The rightmost freezer had a selection of alcoholic flavors, like Rum Rum Raisin, Baileys and Bourbon and Tiramisu. It was also the first time I tried Gula Melaka which is a flavor based on a dessert made from palm sugar and coconut milk. I thought this was so yummy I ended up getting a double scoop of Gula Melaka with Peanut Butter Crunch.

Udders SG
I’m such a sucker for Peanut Butter ice cream. I liked that theirs had chunks of actual peanut butter in them.

Udders SG
My cousin thought this tasted awesome as well so he got a double scoop with just Peanut Butter as well.

Udders SG
Gio had different plans though bagging a sundae called the Chief Milkman’s Favorite. This was loaded with chocolate, caramel sauce, Vanilla Bean ice cream and shaved biscuits all decked in layer upon layer. I was too overwhelmed to try it and it seemed hard to scoop through all those layers but he was really happy with it.

Udders SG
Here’s a price list for added convenience but overall, I think Udders is certainly worth a visit if you’re craving for ice cream and looking to try something new. I’d buy a pint next time just so I have enough to keep going back to. I forgot to mention that I read about this place on CNN Go too. Try Tom’s Palette if you’re feeling more experimental. Tried Salted Egg ice cream the last time I was there and it really isn’t as bad as it sounds.

Udders has four branches scattered all over Singapore. Click here to see where they are and for their operating ours. The one I tried was the Singlap branch and it was open til 1AM.


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