Sabio by the Sea – Quayside Isle, Sentosa SG

Sabio by the Sea
I hadn’t really been around Sentosa ever. Before this trip, the first time I visited was the last time I visited just to hit the Flowrider, a surf simulator at the Wave House. Last Sunday, I learned that apart from fake beaches and wave pools, there’s a marina there docked with all sorts of boats. December 2012 was a good month for Sentosa Cove, launching Quayside Isle, a row of restaurants over-looking the water. Since my tito and tita just got a boat, we hung out around here for a bit. Sabio by the Sea is a tapas bar and grill that just opened last month but seems to be doing very well. I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t want to kill time sitting on their vintage chair repros and basking in the art house interiors.

Sabio by the Sea
It was a bit hot out so we shared a pitcher of fresh orange juice. I don’t have the prices of the stuff here cause I didn’t pay or check out the menu.

Sabio by the Sea
It’d be tough not to notice this place from outside with it’s wooden horse heads (save for one zebra) and antler chandeliers. They were all made of wood so I didn’t feel inhumane admiring them.

Sabio by the Sea
And then the food arrived. These were fresh mussels sauteed in sliced almonds, garlic and white wine. Such a basic dish when you think of it but the texture the almonds added to this really gave it a whole new dimension. Definitely something worth trying at home. The chilli gave this a nice kick as well. I noticed most of the food you’ll find in Singapore really is at least a tad bit spicy.

Sabio by the Sea
We also had a Frittata con Patata which I learned is basically a potato and egg omelette. I’m not particularly fond of egg so it was my first time to try the frittata con patata which was actually pretty good. It felt like pie. They also served us bread to dip in the seafood juice of our dishes.

Sabio by the Sea
On the top right corner was an order of white cod with red bellpeppers and right next to it was a hot plate of gambas shrimp. Really so good. I found the servings kind of small though with the exception of the mussels but it’s fine, I guess. That’s what tapas means anyway, “snacks” and “small plates”. This really was a snack for us though, it was 4PM and we were having merienda. I really just have the appetite of a heavyweight.

Sabio by the Sea
Here’s what Sabio by the Sea looks like from the outside. Easy, breezy, beautiful. I believe all the restaurants in this area are worth checking out.

Sabio by the Sea
31 Ocean Way, Quayside Isle, #01-02 ,
Singapore, Singapore 098375
+65 6690 7568


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