QuickEats! Magnum Gold!? – 7-Eleven, Singapore

I was in Singapore over the past weekend on assignment for some concert photography for my friend Zet’s blog, Restless Cities. I got to shoot the Singapore leg of St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival and it was pretty packed. Click this for the first of three entries, all photos by me. I have a few restaurant posts lined up but since I’m catching up on a bit of work here’s a quick one.

Magnum Gold
In Manila, the Magnum flavors are a bit limited. If I’m not mistaken, there are four: Classic, Chocolate Truffle, Almond and Choco-Cappuccino. When my tita had to stop by 7-Eleven for a quick errand late at night, I gravitated towards the freezers to see what flavors they had there. They had a lot, there’s a Fruit and Nut flavor, something with Hazelnut Bonbons, etc. I was looking for a Caramel or White Chocolate Magnum just cause I had those the last time I was in Singapore. I ended up getting this instead, Magnum Gold?!, I think it’s the bar with the biggest identity crisis. What’s with the “?!” anyway?

Magnum Gold
Magnum Gold?! is packed with Vanilla ice cream, a sea salted caramel sauce and coated with milk chocolate in a spiffy caramel color. The wrapper says the Vanilla extract comes straight from Madagascar which explains the more subtle sweetness in the ice cream. I’m generally a creeper for caramel and thought this was ridiculously good. I hope the folks at Selecta Philippines choose to bring this flavor in next. Online it says Singapore is the only Asian country that carries this so far. This bar costed SG$4 which equates to about Php 140.


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