Ramen Yushoken – Molito, Alabang

Yushoken Alabang
I was in Alabang for a shoot this week and I thought it’d be the perfect time to get a bowl of ramen at Yushoken. I’ve been hearing good things about it for about a month or so. Never had the chance to drop by because there’s hardly any reason for me to drive all the way to Alabang for good ramen when Ukkokei’s so close by. Some people say Yushoken’s Tantanmen tastes even better than Ukkokei’s. I was there to find out.

Yushoken Alabang
The ordering process was quick for me, it was almost a no brainer. I had a bowl of Tantanmen (Php 380) and Gyoza (Php 150) which is what I’d typically get. Service was really quick and the staff was really attentive to us. I drink a lot of water when I eat and one thing I like about Yushoken is that they leave a whole pitcher with you at the table. That was always my frustration with Ukkokei, the place feels so understaffed, it seems you have to ask 3 different people to refill a glass of water before they actually do it. But anyway.

Yushoken Alabang
This is going to be an extremely bold statement but I believe this place has the best gyoza in Metro Manila. Seriously. They come out so fresh and toasty on the outside, but extremely juicy inside. It’s almost like there’s soup when you bite into it. The filling inside is generous as well which strikes a good balance with the size of the wrapper. I read somewhere that Yushoken makes these from scratch too, down to the dumpling wrappers. Sarap.

Yushoken Alabang
On to the ramen. Don’t get me wrong, this was still a considerably good bowl of Tantanmen and honestly, I find that if you weren’t familiar with Ukkokei’s version this could possibly even be super awesome. I prefer Ukkokei’s Tantanmen but this comes to a close second. I’ll try to break it down starting with the noodles. Yushoken’s noodles are so thick and heavy they remind me so much of spaghetti. I mean, look at them. They also aren’t very chewy, in fact they feel a tad bit flat in your mouth. The soup had its own charm though. Yushoken’s Tantanmen tastes a lot milkier than Ukkokei’s but it lacked some nuttiness. The way the spiciness kicks in is pretty cool though, it isn’t a burst on your tongue but a warm glide on the throat. It’s almost as gentle as an after-taste.

Yushoken Alabang
I was happy with my meal and it’s definitely something I’d have again if I found myself down south. Dan liked it too but we both agreed that towards the latter part of the meal when nearly half our bowls were empty, we kind of just felt sick of the dish altogether. I don’t know why that is. I wouldn’t eat this again soon but it’s definitely worth trying.

Yushoken Alabang
If you’ve tried both Ukkokei’s Tantanmen and Yushoken’s Tantanmen, which did you prefer and why? Do comment because I’d love to find out. You all know I’d take Ukkokei’s Ramen any day but I’m a bigger fan of Yushoken’s Gyoza and their polite, efficient waiting staff.

Ramen Yushoken
(right next to Omakase)
Molito Lifestyle Center,
Muntinlupa City
Tel. (632) 808.7424

  1. Agree on Ukkokei’s better tantanmen. But this place excels in its shoyu tonkotsu ramen. And most of their non ramen items as the chahan and karaage. And yes, the gyoza is something else.

    • Sarie said:

      I’ve yet to try the Karaage or the Chahan. So far, I like Mitsuyado Sei Men’s Karaage best and find Ukkokei’s Gyoza and Karaage lousy. I’ll definitely head back to Yushoken next time I find myself in Alabang.

  2. Jorge Pierre said:

    I can understand why UKK’s tantanmen has become a benchmark for ramen in this country. It’s probably because it’s the only good ramen in that restaurant. As such, the dish has become the benchmark rating ramen joints.

    Personally, I prefer the tantanmen of Yushoken over UKK’s. I don’t miss that nuttiness a single bit because I do not agree that to be a characteristic of tantanmen. Yushoken’s is nice in that it is delicate (sesame paste) and spicy (chili oil).

    However, tantanmen is probably the weakest dish of Yushoken. To me, it’s their shoyu that’s stellar.

    I disagree completely on your take on the noodles. I find theirs to have the perfect bite, al dente with the right amount of bounce. I have yet to find another ramen place that serves bouncy noodles.


    • Sarie said:

      Admittedly, I haven’t ever ordered any other ramen from UKK but the Tantanmen so I can’t compare it to any other bowl they serve. I did hear another kind was good though, I forget the name but they’re cold dipping noodles with a sesame broth. That’s the one I want to try next time.

      Next time I head to Alabang, I’ll check out the Shoyu. If you think their Tantanmen’s the weakest dish then I can’t imagine how good their shoyu could possibly be!

      Hahaha, I think it’s a preference thing. I love how UKK noodles resemble curly instant noodles but biting into them, al-dente and with a subtle bounce, I feel completely blasphemous for even thinking of Lucky Me. Either way, thanks for reading and commenting. These kinds of comments make my day. 😀

      • The cold ramen you are referring to is likely the tokusei tsukemen. Since I live so close to Yushoken I eat there all the timeand have tried out all their dishes.

        I personally think that the pecking order their normal ramen is: Tantanmen > Shoyu > Miso > Shio

        The shoyu is great but the Tantanmen is something special. You mentioned why I think it’s the best: the creaminess of the soup base gives it a body and richness that no other ramen has ever matched for me. Though I have to try that nutty Ukkokei version sometime.

        As for Gyoza, try also the fried gyoza at a Chinese restaurant called Phoenix Court at the Bellevue Alabang. This is also an exceptional Gyoza.

  3. i agree.. ukk’s tantanmen is above yushoken..
    for the miso & shoyu.. i vote for megamall’s Kitchitora..
    for gyoza.. yushoken is 1st kitchitora is 2nd..
    Kitchitora for all ramen except tantanmen.. =)

    • Sarie said:

      Wow, I’ve never even heard of Kitchitora. I should check that out when I find myself in Megamall again. 🙂 Thanks for the comment.

  4. Santos said:

    I just want to say that I was at first with you on Ukkokkei > Yushoken tantanmen, but after I went back to Ukkokkei recently, I realized how much better Yushoken’s is. haha.

    Kitchitora is very inconsistent and their business seems to be suffering as a result. Sad because I enjoyed it the first time, their paitan. But the two times I went there after it was not worth the Megamall hassle.

    Yushoken is tops to me. To think I live in Pasig.

    • Sarie said:

      Really??? What about Yushoken’s Tantanmen did you find superior to Ukkokei’s? I’m so curious.

      I hadn’t ever heard of Kitchitora til someone commented about it here so that’s really sad. I’d still check it out when I’m in Megamall though.

  5. It’s possible that you felt sick of the dish from drinking too much water. Since the pitcher is so readily available, you might just have filled yourself with too much liquid.

    Happens to me a lot in Yushoken.

    I have yet to try ukkokei but Yushoken’s tantanmen is the best ramen I’ve ever had, bar none. I hope to try Ukkokei sometime.

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