QuickEats! Lamb Tapa at Mamou Too – Rockwell, Makati

Mamou Too!
I was in Rockwell two days in a row over the past weekend and when my friend Roxy told me she wanted to get Filipino food, we headed over to Mamou. It was her idea actually and fortunately she was craving some tapa. She spotted the Lamb Tapa (Php 395) on the menu, ordered it and that was that. I ordered something else but when I had a bite of her food oh man, it was good.

I’ve been eating in Mamou since it opened its Serendra branch but I found myself only going there with my family to have their Peter Luger-esque steak. Obviously on a daily budget, I can’t have that and I realized that eating with Roxy was the first time I ate there without my mom. They have a bunch of interesting items on the menu, stuff I never even paid attention to.

Mamou Too!
The Lamb Tapa was so good; I went back for it the next day; this time with Carina and a camera. It comes served in a bowl, which is typically how I like my breakfast food. The servings are quite generous too. When you order it, they ask you if you want it with white garlic rice or red garlic rice as well as how you like your eggs and if you want them to use duck eggs or chicken eggs.

Mamou Too!
I had my order with red garlic rice and scrambled chicken eggs. Their tapa was on the sweet side but I liked it. I thought it tasted much better the night before though, when I was eating Roxy’s food just cause I could taste the garlic. Carina said she’d have preferred if they toasted it a bit more. Overall though, if you’re craving for tapa with a kick, this does the trick. I think the next lamb tapa I want to try is the spicy/salty variation Fifteen Bottles carries.

Mamou Too
R1/Lvl., Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Center
Makati City, Metro Manila
(02) 822-6218
Operating Hours: 10:30 am – 10:00 pm

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