Maple – San Antonio Plaza, Makati

Due to the recent renovation in San Antonio Plaza (yup, the mini-mall across that big Church next to Forbes and Dasma), a bunch of new establishments have arrived and filled the once non-existent spaces. I first heard about Maple through my friend, Nicky when he pointed that the boarded up unit across us was going to be transformed into a “high-end Pancake House.” I honestly have no idea how long Maple’s been open but when my mom asked me to check it out with her this afternoon, I couldn’t refuse.

Maple’s interiors remind me of being in a sort of American country club. I’m not sure if I got that right though. They have a huge tree embossed in metal on their door and it reminds me of the Lion King. Their menus look like hardbound books and the food photography on it is excellent. I’d like to give the folks at Pancake House props for thinking Maple out to every minute detail.

Despite the fact it also serves pancakes, Maple is an entirely different experience. The price point is much higher with appetizers starting at the Php 400 range and main entrees ranging from Php 600 to Php 1000. When looking through the menu, my mom and I were talking about how expensive we felt it was but I think that’s cause we were comparing it to Pancake House (LOL). If you compare it to other relatively upscale restaurants though, it’s just the same. My mom and I wanted to order the Huevos Rancheros and the Prime Rib Tapa but they said they ran out. I guess that means I’ll have to go back.

They served us hot rolls first, with a maple syrup glaze along with some whipped butter. I usually enjoy softer bread but this wasn’t bad at all.

Mom’s food was first to arrive. She had the Big Maple Breakfast (Php 540) which was big indeed. The order consisted of 3 regular plate sized buttermilk pancakes, 2 eggs sunny side up, 2 breakfast sausages and potatoes. I’m not fond of American breakfast food in general so I didn’t get to try this. My mom said it was really good though and she enjoyed her meal.

These were terribly hard to photograph. We ordered the Chilean Mussels to share and wow, the dish was huge. I wasn’t expecting it to be this big but at the same time I’m glad it was cause that made it worth the price. I forgot to take note of the ingredients but my mom said they were seasoned in wine. This was fresh, flavorful and that’s really all I look for when it comes to seafood. Plus points for having the beards removed before serving.

Since the Prime Rib Tapa was sold out, I ordered the Dripping Baby Back Ribs (Php 850) which was served with grilled corn, a baked potato topped with cheese and sour cream and snow peas. If you’re into spicy food, this is definitely a keeper. It was unlike any other BBQ sauce I’d ever tasted, the meat was slow-roasted it slid off the bone just when I forked it. I can’t even name what spices they used cause there were probably so many.

Maple is located on the 2nd floor of San Antonio Plaza right next to Golden Spoon.

2F San Antonio Plaza Arcade
50 McKinley Road, San Antonio, Forbes Park
Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines

  1. Sean mercado said:

    Hi Sarie. It really looks like a higher kind of Pancake House. The food is kinda pricey…I mean 850pesos for I think a 3 piece ribs. The food looks good though. Oh well, but nice article Sarie.

    • Sarie said:

      Hi Tito Sean, yup! It’s pretty pricey but the food’s good naman and the selection is really different from what they have at Pancake House. 🙂

  2. Is there a phone number? I’d like to make a reservation for 3 tomorrow at 8am…thanks!

    • Sarie said:

      Try this 🙂 +63(2)7472048

  3. gingerparas said:

    Hi Sarie, the landline telephone number of Maple in San Antonio is 6216211

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