Lamb Tapa from Fifteen Bottles

Lamb Tapa
Just a couple of weeks back, Jay Amante tweeted about having some lamb tapa for breakfast. I was so interested to try this I just had to message him. I don’t know if it’s obvious to anyone who’s been reading this blog but lamb is my favorite meat. Turns out, Jay’s brother John Amante is starting a food business with some friends called Fifteen Bottles and this pack of Sweet Lamb Tapa is just one of their products.

Lamb Tapa
The lamb tapa came vacuum sealed and inside this cute little box. I thought the packaging was neat. Jay mentioned there were going to be two variants for the lamb tapa, one sweet Filipino style marinade which is what I received and another salty/spicy variant which is what I’d typically order. I couldn’t imagine what sweet lamb tapa would taste like so it was a pleasure to stand around the stove while it was cooking. We didn’t add any oil to fry this and it smelled amazing.

Lamb Tapa
I don’t know where they get their cuts of lamb but my god this was tender. I usually prefer salty tapa to sweet but this marinade worked on the lamb. Since I’m trying to cut down on rice, I had this alone and it was satisfying. I don’t know how much an order of this costs because I got this from them as a present but I think its good enough to merit being a breakfast staple at home (or lunch cause I always skip breakfast). I can’t wait to try the Spicy/Salty Lamb Tapa, I’ll see if I can squeeze an order in this week.

Check their Facebook page for more info.


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