Mitsuyado Sei-Men: House of Tsukemen – Jupiter St. Makati

Mitsuyado Sei-Men
Recently, on my Instagram feed, people kept posting top shots of bowls of their double cheese dipping ramen. I had no idea such dishes existed so naturally, I was curious about the place. Mitsuyado Sei-Men is a relatively new ramen spot along Jupiter St. Makati that calls itself The House of Tsukemen. Other noobs like me would appreciate to know that tsukemen means “dipping noodles” which explains why the noodles are served separate from the soup and toppings.

Mitsuyado Sei-Men
We headed there on a Saturday night and the place was packed. We were 6th in line on the waiting list but it didn’t take very long til they got us a table. That’s the perk of being just two. I liked how the interiors resembled a Japanese street. This is Carina doing her best dumpling impression.

Mitsuyado Sei-Men
For starters, we ordered Chicken Karaage (Php 190) which were boneless chicken thigh halves. They were well-seasoned and moist inside but perfectly fried to a crisp. This is so good, I’d go there to order just this with a bowl of fried rice. I found the serving to be kind of small though.

Mitsuyado Sei-Men
There were originally 5 pieces of Gyoza (Php 160) but Carina ate one before I could whip my camera out. We both weren’t too fond of this. The wrapper was pretty huge and flimsy, it kept breaking when I’d try to pick a piece up. The filling was a little pork ball with some green onion sticking out which wasn’t anything special. I wouldn’t order this again.

Mitsuyado Sei-Men
I was in the mood for something spicy and familiar so I ordered the Sichuan Tan-Tan Tsukemen (Php 280) when the waitress told me it had a sesame peanut base. I couldn’t help but compare it to Ukkokei’s Tantanmen which I think is the best ramen in the country. The Sichuan Tan-Tan Tsukemen was good and had a bold soup but it doesn’t match up to Ukkokei’s Tantanmen. I got hot noodles instead of cold even if everyone says the cold’s more al-dente. Overall, this dish was so filling I couldn’t even finish it even if I thought it was good.

Mitsuyado Sei-Men
Carina took her chances with one of the cheese tsukemen. The cheese was thick, yellow and could easily be Chiz Whiz. My guess is that it is.

Mitsuyado Sei-Men
The waitress said that what you do is, you mix the thick cheese sauce in with your noodles and dip them in the curry sauce. I had a bite of Carina’s Cheese Curry Tsukemen (Php 340) and it was awesome. It was a completely new good taste and I couldn’t pin together why the combo worked but it did. Chiz Whiz meets Japanese curry. Towards the end though, since both sauces were thick, this was just so rich, I think Carina only had a third of everything. We ate the curry alone towards the end and it had little bits of beef that were so soft and tasty. I just wish they could put bigger pieces of meat instead. The ones there were hardly even bite sized, they were tooth sized!

I think Mitsuyado Sei-Men is definitely worth the visit and it’s pretty affordable considering their regular servings are big enough for two people to share. I wouldn’t mind sampling the other kinds of Tsukemen they have on the menu. The famous one is the Double Cheese Tsukemen but I can’t seem to bring myself to have all that fake cheese to myself, maybe I should save it for another time when I’m eating with someone as curious just so we can split.

Mitsuyado Sei-Men
22 Jupiter St.
(after Fiamma and right next to Cova)
Bel-Air, Makati
(02) 511-1390

    • Sarie said:

      Again? I’m so sick of it still. Hahaha

      • Carina said:

        Feed meeee 😦

  1. Asper said:

    Congratulations to your group. I have fun reading your blog coz you have great grammar…hahaha…Nice going there. I like reading about food reviews but I’m not a big eater. So, reading this is like, eating it myself. Just looks too rich with that chiz (wiz).

    • Sarie said:

      Thank you! I’m glad you can eat through these reviews.

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