Burger Bar – Greenbelt 2, Makati

The Burger Bar
Last week, I went to the ‘sneak eat’ session hosted by Burger Bar, Greenbelt’s newest burger joint. I first heard about it through my friend Jason when we were at a meeting with the people behind Cue and Burger Bar was still in its planning stages. I don’t even think it had a name at the time. They were just tossing around ideas at the time, what to do with the place what it’d feel like, we were all pretty excited. I can’t believe it’s open now.

The Burger Bar
I got there at around 9:30 after a shoot and the place was literally packed. It was a private opening and I bumped in so many different people I know from different parts of my life (even someone from grade school). I couldn’t see much of the interiors because there wasn’t much space to walk around or anything but it seemed to be pretty comfortable. The art on the wall was made by AJ Dimarucot.

The Burger Bar
The menu came with an abundance of different burger selections. There’s even a part called “The Boss” where you can practically customize your burger; from the bun to everything inside it. After flipping through a couple of times, I ordered what I felt my tummy could handle. It’s a good thing I was with a lot of people; it made it easier to sample most of their burger dishes.

The Burger Bar
Let me start you off with the appetizers. First to arrive were the Parmesan Truffle Fries, I believe the serving size is more suited to one person but taste-wise, it’s pretty good. It wasn’t the least bit soggy and you could really taste the truffle in them. I have a feeling they use truffle oil spray right after they fry it to let the flavor seep in on the surface.

The Burger Bar
The Onion Rings reminded me so much of Snacku just cause the seasoning tasted exactly like it. I particularly like Snacku so this wasn’t a bad thing at all. I mean, I don’t think I’ve tried Onion Rings that tasted like chips yet. Pretty good and mildly addicting but if you’re expecting a fresh cooked onion-y bite, this isn’t what you’re looking for.

The Burger Bar
I’m usually hot on wings and if I can order them anywhere, I will. Burger Bar’s Good Ol’ Hot Fried Wings hit the spot completely, I don’t know how else to describe them. They’re your typical glazed, semi-hot chicken wings served with a ranch/sour cream type of sauce. They were fried to a crisp and didn’t feel oily and the serving had approximately 3 full chicken wings.

The Burger Bar
And now the burgers. Pictured above is my order, The Bar Burger (Php 395) which according to the menu, consisted of “a double patty with a blend of hanger & brisket, smoked scamorza & gorgonzola cheeses, fresh prosciutto, watercress, caramelized onions spiked with sriracha aioli, crowned with crispy onion rings all on a brioche bun”. Now I didn’t have to pay for this burger or anything and the meat was pretty good, as well as the toppings but I found the portioning of the toppings to be kinda small. I don’t know if this is cause this was their first night of operations but I seriously need to go back to see if this is entirely worth it. I know Burger Bar grinds their own meat and makes their patties themselves, which is pretty cool. I liked my burger, I just couldn’t taste the sriracha. There was just one tiny watercress sprig, the onion rings on top weren’t very crispy and the prosciutto was just one tiny bit and it was hard to chew. Must go back soon to see if they’ve gotten more generous.

The Burger Bar
Patty had “The Piggy” (Php 345) which seemed bigger than my burger. It wasn’t as bacon-y as I thought, again it’s a toppings issue. The menu says it should have a “double beef bomb blend of chuck & shortrib patty, mozarella, fried bacon strips (the actual burger had just 2 strips), bacon jam, lollo rossa greens, garlic aioli on a sesame seed bun.”

The Burger Bar
Jason got the “4 Cheese Burger,” I’m not actually sure if this is what it’s called but I’ll go with my gut. Among all the burgers we had that night, this seemed to be the best one. It’s just straight up and simple, good meat with cheese. You just can’t go wrong.

The Burger Bar
Before I left, I tried the Caramel Vanilla Bread Pudding (P135) which was served in a nifty jar. I’m not too hot on bread but it was surprisingly good, I enjoyed biting into the small caramel bits and the contrast of the warm bread and the ice cream.

Overall, to give this place a proper review, I think I have to go back and try it when it’s on its feet. There are a couple of kinks they still have to iron out. As of the invitational ‘sneak eat’, the burgers took kinda long and the portioning of the toppings felt sparse but the place was filled to the brim. The beef was perfect though and I think conceptually, there’s definitely something there. I’ll have to see for myself again soon.

Burger Bar
G/F Greenbelt 2,
(where MASAS used to be)
Ayala Center, Makati
Opening Hours:
Sun-Wed – 12nn – 1am
Thurs to Sat – 12nn – 2am

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