At the Grill with The Fat Kid Inside

Just by being on this page, you probably already know how much I love food. By profession though, I make videos. I shoot a lot of client work ranging from web video content, viral videos, behind the scenes videos and the usual, event coverage. There are times though that my two loves get the chance to intersect. I’m starting a production company with some friends called, Seabiscuit Films and this is one of many collaborations we have up our sleeves.

We shot a couple of videos with The Fat Kid Inside, Erwan Heussaff and this is the first video in the series that I directed. The spiffy clean graphics are from Carina Santos and the songs I used for the video are from Some Gorgeous Accident. I had so much fun working on this considering the fact I got full creative control.

The video documents Erwan’s Grilled Mackerel Scad (Galunggong) with a singed Caprese salad so you can watch and learn. Don’t forget to click the link to get specifics!

  1. gingerparas said:

    Nice Sarie 🙂 He is cute but the sand kinda bothered me.

  2. gingerparas said:

    I meant sando :))

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