Yomenya Goemon Japanese Spaghetti House – Greenbelt 3

Yomenya Goemon
I remember coming from the Greenbelt 3 parking lot and seeing what once was SuperBowl, boarded up with this blue Samurai pictured there and the words “Japanese Spaghetti: Coming Soon” on the wall. It was a weird combination that just sounded, interesting?

Yomenya Goemon
When Carina told me Yomenya was open, we headed there that day to try it. Neither of us have ever tried Japanese spaghetti before. I mean, what IS Japanese spaghetti anyway? The menu was packed with all these different variations. They even serve pizza too!

Yomenya Goemon
Remembering our whole splitsies deal, we agreed on ordering the Mentaiko with Shrimp and Japanese Herb Pasta(Php 395). The waiter said it was the best-seller and it was unique to us both. Mentaiko is this marinated spicy cod roe.

Yomenya Goemon
Their servings are pretty sizable so it was good to share. The thing was, when we first tried it, the flavors were so weak and just bland. The mentaiko wasn’t even spicy. The nori on top was a great touch and quite frankly, was the tastiest thing on that plate. Noodles were al dente but the rest of it was just so boring. But nevermind, I wanted to give this place another shot and order something else.

Yomenya Goemon
Carina was pretty full and I was breaking my diet with double the carbs. Haha, the glutton inside couldn’t rest. I went with something familiar this time, and safe. My favorite squid ink pasta is all the way in Boracay’s D’Mall at Aria so I was curious about how Yomenya’s would fare. They seem to have a lot of seafood oriented dishes. All orders come with some clear broth soup with tofu in these little cute cups.

Yomenya Goemon
Their Squid Ink Spaghetti (Php 240) comes in an oil based sauce and was nice and garlicky when I tried it. There were just a few squid rings that came in the dish, maybe like 8 teensy rings at most and the squid ink wasn’t strong enough to coat my teeth. I enjoyed that there was a hint of spice from the chilli flakes though. This was pretty alright but if I ever go back to Yomenya, I’ll probably take my chances on something else since this was also pretty boring.

Other than that, they have really good service. The waiting staff was attentive and always filled up my glass of water. The glasses there are really small and I happen to drink a lot of water. They’re also all really pleasant. Yomenya Goemon’s interiors are quite cozy and they have a lot of couch spaces to take up. Overall, it’s a pretty cool place but based on the dishes I tried, it’s really nothing special save for the fact I enjoyed pasta with chopsticks.

Yomenya Goemon
2/F Greenbelt 3, Esperanza St
Legazpi Village, Makati
(02) 729-0586

  1. kaagapay said:

    bland? I couldn’t agree more but i guess you have no idea what authentic japanese food tastes like…

    • Sarie said:

      Maybe not. I could hardly consider this authentic though. To begin with, it’s spaghetti.

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