Top Dish – Durban St. Makati

Along the P.Burgos/Makati Ave./Kalayaan stretch you’ll find Durban Street, home to a quaint Korean joint called Top Dish. When it comes to Korean, I’m generally a Korea Garden loyalist but my friend Mara insisted that I had to try it here so I did. Sorta hungry after the Fred Perry event, we found ourselves in Top Dish.

Look, free appetizer! This is the single thing I love about Top Dish. Their appetizer was free and for some reason, I’m under the impression that this is refillable. Someone correct me if I’m wrong. Anyway, the peanuts were awesome, the brussel sprouts and sweet potato in syrup were great too. When they brought this out, I was convinced the main dishes would be just at par. I was wrong though.

I read about their BBQ Chicken (Php 280) online sometime ago and was interested in the rice cake it came with so I went ahead and ordered just that. The chicken came piping hot in a sizzling plate, bathed in thick spicy sauce and drizzled with sesame seeds with these cute cylindrical rice cakes. It was just alright, not something I’d really look for or want to eat again. I would’ve preferred it if they used chicken thigh fillets instead of half a regular chicken, the white meat portions were pretty dry. As for the rice cake, I’d take regular rice any day! These felt a little strange for me.

Carina had the Bulgogi and honestly, I was just really unimpressed by this. The bulgogi I’m familiar with isn’t this bland. Ehh, it was lame, like a sad attempt at bulgogi and not the real thing. Why am I not tasting the sesame in this mix? Why?

Mara had this Kimchi Stew. I don’t really like how kimchi tastes but this was alright. I copped a block of tofu from her and liked it.

Therese had the Samgyupsal (Php 560) and this was a large order, I don’t know if she expected all this pork belly. It was pretty good though. I learned to eat this with Isa at Korea Garden (their version is better).

What you do is, stuff the thin pork belly strips in the lettuce and dip it in the oil and bite. Eating this reminds me of eating the best kind of sandwich ever, yep, the kind without the bread.

I think this is just sesame oil with rock salt and some pepper.

The verdict? If you’re craving for Korean food after a night out, Top Dish will do. But if you just want to eat mindblowingly awesome Korean at regular person hours, drive a few streets down to Jupiter St. and look for Korea Garden. Korea Garden’s been my family’s favorite for years. I’d post about it but I can’t find my photos. That just means I’ll have to eat there again and take new ones, maybe next week. πŸ™‚

Top Dish
Durban St. Makati City
(near the P.Burgos/Kalayaan/Makati Ave area)
Hours: Open from 4:00pm – 3:00am daily
Telephone: (02) 758-1122

  1. Mark said:

    You can always request for additional side dishes (banchan). You can also request as the ones served depends on what you order. However, it is customary for you to finish them.

    Before they also include a leaf similar to japanese shiso on samgyeopsal. You wrap everything pork, lettuce (optional), ssamjang, in this leaf.

    We’ve been eating there for years already, soju was just 80 pesos then (and yes with unlimited banchan).

    Btw you should try the samgyetang.

    • Sarie said:

      If I find myself in the area, I’ll keep that in mind. I’ve never had Samgyetang, looks healthy ah!

    • Sarie said:

      Nope, I haven’t tried or heard of Yoogane yet! Maybe some time if I’m in the area or if they invite me. πŸ™‚

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