Arya – Greenhills

In an effort to lose some weight and cut on spending, Carina and I decided on splitting meals every time we eat out. Like normal people, we’re now limited to having a dish each. Like, share one appetizer and one main or just have two mains or whatever. I have this terrible habit of over-ordering, thinking family style for just two people. I usually go for 3 mains (1 main each and one to share) and 2 appetizers. But yeah, those baboy days are done.

Found myself back in Greenhills for two meetings and since I’ve always been curious about Arya, I thought it’d be a good time to try it out. Their menu is thick and extensive and there’s certainly a lot I’d go back for. I learned recently that Carina hasn’t ever tried Falafels! So we’ll order that next time. Their Keema looked ridiculously good too.

We decided to get the Lamb Biryani in an XL portion (Php 658). The waitress said it’d be good for two people if they weren’t starving. I was hungry but trying to lose weight so I thought it’d be fine and look, I was right!

It’s basically stewed lamb shank with spicy biryani sauce atop a bed of biryani rice. Yum. I like that Arya keeps its yogurt garlic and chilli sauces in little bottles on every table, that way I don’t have to keep bugging the waitresses for extra sauce like I do in other places. Sometimes pay extra charge pa yan! But in Arya, it’s unlimited!

The meat was practically falling off the bone. It was so tender, I could’ve probably shred it with forks if I tried. The biryani sauce was loaded with so much spices, I loved how it smelled. Carina and I dined with such gusto, devouring the stew partnered up with aromatic saffron biryani rice.

I have to admit, sharing this with someone was kind of bitin. I could effortlessly eat this myself. Nobody ever said the path to weight loss was easy anyway. Til next time then!

Arya Persian Restaurant
Unit L-9 GH Promenade Mall, Ortigas Ave
Greenhills, San Juan
(02) 584-6266

Robinson’s Manila
Level 2, Midtown Wing
Pedro Gil corner Adriatico St.
Ermita, Manila
(02) 567 – 3800

Podium Mall
ADB Ave, Ortigas Center
Pasig City
(02) 571 – 3962


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