Greeka Kouzina – San Juan

After experiencing Burger Week first-hand at the headquarters, Liana, Evee and I tagged along to Greeka because Barby was craving for their yogurt. All the folks at Pepper vouch for this place which to me, meant it was worth trying.

The Greek Yogurt (Php 170) there is traditional and nothing like the Froyo variety in spurts around the city. It’s heavy and almost like cheese. When I first tried it, the thought that came to mind was WTF did I order this? It wasn’t chilled and it just tasted weird. I thought to call the waitress since Barby (who is a huge fan of this yogurt) told me it was typically chilled. When they replaced it, I took a spoonful with honey and it tasted much better.

I shared an order of Arni Lemonato (Php 560), a five hour slow roasted chunk of lamb that was pretty darn good. Evee and I agreed that we could’ve had an order of this each but we didn’t know that in the start. The meat was so tender it fell off the bone and we didn’t need our knives at all.

The order came with a free side dish so I got Yemistes which is rice packed in a pepper. I always enjoyed this in Cyma and thought to try their version too.

The order also came with two sauces, the yellow one was some sort of creamy lemon butter sauce and the brown one was just some kind of gravy. The potatoe slices were baked in olive oil and crusted with fresh Parmesan.

Liana had a Beef Gyro (Php 195) sans tomatoes because she is hyper-acidic. This was really fat and packed with so much meat, I’d love to try the lamb version in the future. I believe this is the most generous gyro I’ve come across in the metro. Look at all that cheese!

We were all the good kind of full afterwards. Greeka has food worth taking a trip to San Juan to and you’ll definitely find me there the next time I visit the HQ just cause they’re at the same building.

Greeka Kouzina
Lumier Realty Building
285 P Guevarra St,
San Juan City
Metro Manila, Philippines
(02) 216-3731
M, T, W, Th, F, Sa, Su: 11:00am – 10:00pm


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