Fish & Chips at Chuck’s Grub

I first spotted Chuck’s Grub on my way up from the parking lot at Rockwell by the Rustan’s grocery. There’s something about the simplicity of fish and chips I really enjoy; a clean crisp batter merged with a melt in your mouth bite of a soft fillet. Making a mental note to try it out when I was hungry and left.

Early this month, I saw a movie in Trinoma and saw on the little square printed on the ticket that there was a Buy One Take One Promo at Chuck’s Grub. Since I was hungry and didn’t have dinner yet at the time, I went right for it. Chuck’s Grub is located in the Food Court and since I’m not in Trinoma often I can’t say where exactly that is. The line was short and I had two orders of the standard Dory and Chips (Php 130) just cause one was free. I got to choose two different sauces so I went for garlic mayo and tartare.

I gobbled all this real quick so I don’t have a “before” photo of my food. Here’s a lazy photo of my messy tray. Chuck’s Grub is beer battered with San Miguel Pale Pilsen and deep fried. I knew what I was eating was just tons oily but I couldn’t stop, hearing the crunch of the batter in my mouth was almost addicting. UNTIL!!!

UNTIL! I bit into a raw part of the fillet. It was really gross. You can tell a certain part is raw by the texture and the color. Upon inspection, this looked just slightly thawed and pink in that particular part. Does this look cooked to you? It’s sad but this happened to me on both accounts of my orders.

I took the raw chunks back to the stall and showed the guys making it. They apologized, threw it away and replaced just one order of Fish & Chips. I told them they had to make sure I wasn’t going to bite into a raw frozen chunk of fish again so they cut the fillet up into smaller bits to make sure it’d all cook. The second batch tasted way better. I prefer the garlic sauce to the tartar but it still needs more garlic! I’d have this again but they’ll have to cut it into smaller pieces before frying just to make sure.

Chuck’s Grub is a small stall located in the Trinoma Food Court. They also have a branch at the Rustan’s grocery in Rockwell Powerplant, Makati.


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