Wursty Wursty! – McKinley Hill, Taguig

Carina did a month-long Euro trip with her family last September and when she was in Munich, she just couldn’t stop raving about the food. I’ve never been to Germany and my only memory of having German food was when I was much younger and had pork knuckles with my family at Schwarzwälder. Carina told me about hanging out at a beer garden, having currywurst and beer and a large serving of Turkish döner. Indeed, it was the döner that stuck because I’m a sucker for shawarma.

Last month, I was going around High Street and there was this Mabuhay Germany event with different booths that sold food and beer and whatever else. I couldn’t help but notice the Wursty Wursty booth which had a fat spit of chicken and a sign that said it was indeed, Turkish döner. I tried it, loved it and told Carina that there was a döner place we could check out together when we got home.

Wursty Wursty
Just this week, Wursty Wursty opened a branch in Tuscany, McKinley Hill. It’s just down the road towards the left after you pass the Venice Piazza. I risked visiting the place at it’s soft opening stages, fully aware that they were probably still testing out portions and recipes and that it probably wouldn’t be consistent.

Wursty Wursty
When we got there, we saw that the ventilation inside wasn’t good, it was smokey so we picked to sit outside. We were met with a bowl of salted pretzels and the option of having a free mug of local draft beer as a welcome drink, but we opted to order a bottle of Warsteiner (Php 130) each. I’m not much of a drinker but the beer had a nice, light flavor.

Wursty Wursty
The Currywurst with Fries (Php 180) came first and I didn’t really know what to expect. When Carina was in Germany she described it as sausage with curry sauce which to me sounded kind of odd. When I first tried it, it tasted like sausage dipped in a spicy BBQ sauce with a curry aftertaste. Carina said that the currywurst she had in Munich was drenched in curry powder which meant it was obviously tastier. For the Philippines though, I’d like to think this is pretty good.

Wursty Wursty
Predictably, Carina and I both ordered döner and broke our splitsies rule because we were feeling hungry. She had the Chicken Döner Open Plate (Php 250) which seems to be a deconstructed version of the wrap.

Wursty Wursty
I had the Chicken Döner with Rice (Php 250). I thought the ratio between the meat and the rice was disproportioned but I carried on with my meal. The chicken was excellent and bursting with flavor, I was lucky enough to get some toasty parts. I like how Wursty Wursty slices their chicken real thinly. They’re really generous about their yogurt sauce which is great because I couldn’t get enough of it. The rice seemed to be seasoned and fried in margarine too, which is unhealthy but made it taste awesome.

Wursty Wursty
Now, my friend, Liana ordered the same thing I did about 15 minutes later and there suddenly was a drastic change in presentation. Look! More food! Mine didn’t even come with fries! How unfair. I let it slide because the food was good anyway. I did what the next Glutton 2.0 would do and ordered another plate, showing them photographic evidence to give me as much as they gave Liana.

Wursty Wursty
After we ate everything, Wursty Wursty’s owner, Ray was around to give us some free samples of drinks he was planning to serve soon. We all tried Schnapps for the first time. These came in shots and had a light peach flavor, we all quite enjoyed that. Next, he handed us some test tubes filled with Jägermeister which we were already familiar with.

Wursty Wursty
Wursty Wursty’s the kind of place that’s great for hanging out with friends. They have a whole selection of imported beer and I think they’re coming in with some hard drinks as well. The owner mentioned they’d probably be open 24 hours by the end of the year due to the fact there are a lot of call centers in the McKinley hill area. So far, in the Tuscany area, this is the only open establishment so parking’s not a problem. You can literally park on the sidewalk for free.

Wursty Wursty is located in Tuscany, McKinley Hill, Taguig and I think as of last week it opens at 10AM and it closes as late as the last customer leaves.

***UPDATE*** As of November 13

I’ve been to Wursty Wursty four more times after the time I wrote this review and I’m sad to say that the quality’s already deteriorated in such a short span of time. Their servings are this small now, according to the folks there it’s just 80 grams of chicken. The last two times I ate there, the meat was also so dried up save for the fact that there was so little of it to have. I don’t know if any one else has noticed also but why isn’t their chicken ever hot? I don’t get it.

  1. Hubby and I are supposed to check this place soon. Should we go or not? :/

    • Sarie said:

      Okay, hear this, the last two times I attempted to go back to eat there. I went right by lunch time and they had no doner. That was twice! It was so annoying. They kept using their commissary as an excuse and saying that there was doner in their MOA branch, which just recently opened.

      I’d go naman but I wouldn’t suggest this just cause. Call or text before heading there to save yourself from wasting time to see if they’re serving it. 09275528887

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