CAV – Bonifacio High Street

Cav Bonifacio High Street

I’m at the Fort a lot and it’s funny but Cav’s actually one of the older establishments in the area that I’ve never gotten around to trying. It’s probably because it’s known as a wine place and the only wine I ever have is the kind I never have to pay for. After eating there for a family birthday thing, Carina made it clear that Cav was certainly a must try so off we went. Upon entering, the size of the place was a welcome surprise. It’s huge. We were there for dinner. Up front, the vibe’s laid back and you get a cafe menu with appetizing options on a more affordable scale. Then far back, is the fine dining area where people get to have choose-your-own-adventure style three/four course meals. We dove in for a three-courser.

Cav Bonifacio High Street
We skimmed through the menu quickly and picked our three-courses. Sitting there excited amidst a lightly packed restaurant with a tables of thirty-somethings, I was really excited.

Cav Bonifacio High Street
I guess the chef must’ve noticed we were the only kids there and sent us some free treats. The risotto croquettes were served fresh and piping hot, I burnt myself on first bite. I’m not too sure what the soup was but Carina thinks it’s a potato leek soup. This shot really hit the spot and set the course of the entire meal, after getting these freebs, I knew I what to expect for the rest.

The Starting Line:
Cav Bonifacio High Street
Carina got the salad because she is… LOL nevermind. She just wanted to save space for the rest of the food. The receipt says this was the “Tomato Panzanella.”

Cav Bonifacio High Street
I got the Portabello mushroom and Parmesan Risotto which you kind of have to add Php 200 for when getting the set but it’s well worth it. The serving size of this thing is large enough to share and you’ll have to cause risotto really is very filling. I often crave parmesan risotto, such a simple taste but really so yummy. Another reason to order this is that it’s terribly difficult to successfully cook risotto at home.

Middleweight: Not worth the wait. This was a scallop topped with arugula rockets and fried onion on a bed of corn soup. I’m not very fond of corn to begin with so I wasn’t expecting this, I just ordered it for the scallop which was fresh but kind of too small.
Cav Bonifacio High Street

Big Mains:
Cav Bonifacio High Street
Carina had the Rack of Lamb which in my opinion wasn’t that awesome. I found that the serving was really too small (sorry, I have a large appetite) and that this was undercooked. Would’ve preferred it medium instead of rare. Taste-wise, it was okay, the meat was good but I feel like I could’ve cooked this better at home.
Cav Bonifacio High Street
I had Sous Vide Angus Short Ribs with this sauce with beans in it and it was just as expected, tender and packed a lot of flavor. This was a pleasure to eat and I particularly like ordering Sous Vide dishes when I can because I don’t have the machine at home. I have a tita who does though which is pretty cool. Wasn’t too keen on the potato strings up top because they weren’t very crispy. I loved the beef though, really. The sauce was nice and tasty too.

Overall, CAV’s a nice, quiet place that serves pretty topnotch dishes. If I were swimming in money, I’d definitely ritually eat here. I have yet to try the choices at the cafe but the food seems interesting enough and highly likely to be good.

Cav Wine Shop and Café
Bonifacio High Street
G/F The Spa Bldg., Lot 5 Quadrant 8, 11th Ave.
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
(02) 856-1798

  1. Carina said:

    I still have dreams about that risotto.

    • Sarie said:

      Let’s go back when we’re rich. Hahaha

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