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BESO Cucina Vinoteka
I’ve been to BESO twice in the last month and I don’t know what it is but the inner yuppie in me already adores this place. I remember the first time Carina and I walked by looking for a place to eat, scanning the menu board outside for the list of tapas and thinking they were ‘affordable’. We later found though that they only seemed cheap because the prices were in the Php 200 range and didn’t anticipate how small the portions were.

BESO Cucina Vinoteka
The two times I was there we got the Beso Sampler Plate (Php 860) just because it feeds a lot and seems to be the bang for buck choice of the groups I’m with. The platter is indeed a generous spread that comes with “Jamon Iberico, Salchichon, Lomo Chorizo with chocolate marinated Manchego and blue cheese with truffle honey.” Also, based on the two times I’ve been there and ordered this, nobody ever seems to finish this dish, not even the cold cuts.

BESO Cucina Vinoteka
I was looking forward to the Chorizo with Chocolate which was a tad disappointing. It sounded like an oddly good combo and had a good mix of both sweet, salty and fatty for my Filipino palate. The worst part about this was the bread was just dry and it felt either over-toasted or stale, like chewing cardboard. Chorizo was great and it is cured meat and hard to get wrong, the chocolate on the other hand was just alright. I think to improve this, they’ll have to be more generous with the chocolate (MORE PLEASE) and give us fresh bread.

BESO Cucina Vinoteka
Among everything on the platter, what I wish for most is that I could order the Truffle Blue Cheese and Honey just by itself. I found myself eating it alone when we ran out of bread, with my knife (sorry manners), it’s just that addictive. I’d love to make buffalo wings and dip them in this thing. Mmm, those are the unfiltered thoughts of the raging caveman couch potato inside me.

BESO Cucina Vinoteka
Whenever I enter a Spanish restaurant, I don’t leave without an order of Squid Ink Paella (Php 580) because it is awesome and completely fail safe. I haven’t been fed shitty Paella Negra in my lifetime and for that, I consider myself lucky. Beso’s was absolute perfection and it had enough pancetta and chorizo to make you want to dig through the entire platter. The only thing I noticed though is that this doesn’t come with aioli?? Am I right or was I just not served aioli when I was there twice?

BESO Cucina Vinoteka
Don’t let this photograph fool you! We also regretfully ordered the Beso Fideo (Php 580) which seemed to be just an overpriced pasta dish. It’s basically the regular paella made with angel hair noodles so it tasted like a typical pomodoro pasta with extra add-ons like shrimp and chorizo. It wasn’t bad but it was corny, I suppose and just not paella.

You’re better off getting the Vegetarian Paella (Php 580) which just tasted so rich, I forgot it was vegetarian. I mean this in the best way possible, coming from a hardcore carnivore. Zucchini and mushrooms are your friends.

BESO Cucina Vinoteka
UG/F, East Superblock, Bonifacio High Street Central, 7th Ave cor 29th St
Taguig City, Metro Manila
(0926) 614-9695


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