Mien-San Noodle House – New Manila, QC

Mien-San Noodle House
After an impromptu ukay visit to Anonas, Therese and I found ourselves in the Greenhills area to meet her brother John. We were having halo-halo at Razon’s when they had this brilliant idea to take me to Mien-San which was just a street away. It was dinner time on a Monday and the place was almost full. I didn’t have my S95 with me so I had to make do with my phone.

Mien-San Noodle House
We headed to Mien San precisely for the Steamed Chicken Leeks (Php 248). Therese and John swore this dish was amazing and as an avid supporter of leeks, I stood by this choice and believed every word they said upon tasting this. This chicken could be Hainanese Chicken’s oilier, risque older brother, drenched in nothing but leeks. The leeks were so tasty and rich, I resorted to having them alone with my rice when the chicken was all gone. Texture wise, the chicken was slippery good and didn’t need any sort of condiment to make it better. It was fine on its own.

Mien-San Noodle House
We also had an order of 8 pc. Steamed Kuchay Dumplings (Php 88) which were probably the most affordable set of kuchay dumplings I’ve ever had. It’d be fair to note that they didn’t scrimp on the quality of this one. It was Therese and John’s first time to try this out and they loved it. The dumplings were packed with greens and boasted a nice sesame oil taste. I don’t know what kuchay actually means but after a quick Google search, I’ve found that these dumplings are actually filled with Chinese chives. If you were wondering, the wrapper is also more similar to Hakaw than Siomai, nice and sticky.

Mien-San Noodle House
To be honest, when I ordered Seaweed (Php 58), I expected the yellowy bunch you typically get at Chinese restaurants (on second thought, that might be jellyfish). When I was assaulted with a bowl of all this green, I wasn’t sure I’d like it but I did.

They were also selling these tetrapak boxes of Assam Milk Tea (Php 40) which I regretfully ordered and never will again. I advise you all to do the same.

Mien-San Noodle House
The staple cherry on top of any Chinese/Taiwanese meal I have is a good order of Salted Fish Fried Rice. I will always take this over Yang Chow.

After writing this entry, I tried to call my brother up at school to make him buy me some dumplings. Unfortunately, he has refused my kind and simple request due to the unbearable traffic around that area at 6PM onwards. I don’t know when I’ll have the liberty to go back but hopefully, it’ll be soon enough.

Mien-San Noodle House
Granada St., New Manila, Brgy. Valencia
Quezon City, Metro Manila
(02) 723-0558

    • Sarie said:

      Have you tried it there Tita Ginger? So sarap!

  1. Jennifer said:

    The number is (02) 721- 5794 πŸ™‚
    And we already have a delivery but within greenhills area, wilson, etc. ( Near in Mien San )
    From Monday to Saturday. Minimum of Php 500.00
    Delivery is subject to changes. Not sure when we will end our delivery services…
    Just call that number for more informations πŸ™‚

    • Sarie said:

      Thanks for the information. Do you deliver to Corinthian Gardens?

      • Jennifer said:

        I’m sooooooo sorry!!! The delivery services ended today…
        One of our service crew is handling the delivery services but had an accident after our Christmas party.
        Hindi ko sure if we will have again the delivery when he get back to work.
        Maybe you can drop by some day. We are happy to serve you πŸ™‚ Hope to see you soon

    • Mien San said:

      for more inquiries, you may also call (02) 721-5794

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