Kebabers – Katipunan Ave. QC

IMG_0766 copy
There’s a new kebab joint in the Katip area and it goes by the name: KEBABERS. The bright yellow letters caught my eye as I drove past it. It was just the kinda place I knew I had to try soon enough. The timing was pretty darn perfect too cause Carina had just finished her first day of teaching, when I forced her to eat here with me.

We bumped into two of her friends from Ateneo who ended up teaching too. They’re all cursed with the fate of holding Saturday lectures. Her friend Smile recommended we get the Chicken Kebab with Cheese. So we did, but managed to ask the lady in the counter to give us 2 pieces of Chicken with Cheese and a piece of Beef with Cheese to make for the Php 125, 3 piece order.

IMG_0768 copy
The verdict? Both the beef and chicken variations with cheese were good BUT I found the beef tons tastier and honestly much better. I wish I ordered beef instead because I really usually do get beef when it boils down to these things.

IMG_0772 copy
When I wolfed down my first meal, I had to get a Beef Kebab Plate (Php 95) just cause I had to have more of the beef. It’s a pretty simple kebab recipe, if you ask me. It tastes really home-cooked, simplified and Filipino. Like if you had to strip the chelo kebab down to its basic spices (CUMIN!). I did enjoy it though, Carina feels so-so about this place. The garlic sauce was really creamy too, not a bad breath awardee. I wonder now if their wraps are any good. Got news?

Beside MSA Tutorial Building
Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights,
Quezon City Philippines


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