QuickEats! Cuillère – Serendra, The Fort

I typed a whole post up and it got lost somehow so !!! Let me just write it all again since the Save Draft feature seems to be against me tonight. I had lunch at Cuillère last Tuesday and it’s a bit odd I’ve never eaten there considering how much time I’ve actually spent at The Fort. Before heading over, all I knew about it was that it served kickass carabao (water buffalo) milk milkshakes thanks to my buddy, Karen.

I got there about 30 minutes late for my lunch date with Alex and Winston. I was really apologetic about it. Sleeping in is good only if other people don’t suffer for it. When I ordered my lunch, they were set to order dessert. I quickly scanned the menu and spotted Lamb Ribs with Ratatouille Rice for Php 495. For lamb, it was reasonably priced so I took my chances and ordered it.

I’m really fond of lamb. I love it as much as the Arabs, Indians and Greeks do. I can’t get enough of the gamey flavor the meat has and it’s the only animal fat I don’t feel guilty eating. Mmm buttery. I don’t know why the dish looks teensy in the photo but portion-wise, it was just right. The lamb was so tender, I resorted to eating Filipino style (spoon and fork in tow) because a knife was completely useless to me. The dish actually came with a serving of mint jelly but I don’t like mint jelly and never saw the point of it’s existence so it was left ignored. The lamb was tasty enough to come out strong even with a spoon full of tomato induced ratatouille rice. I would definitely order this again and head back to try their other stuff.

Serendra, The Fort
Taguig City, Metro Manila
(02) 856-3325

  1. Yes don’t make people suffer, their time is precious too. The Lamb ribs look really good.

    • Sarie said:

      Lesson learned and yup, it was.

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