Samsung Galaxy S3 Launch Party – NBC Tent, Manila

By very fortunate circumstances, I found myself at the Samsung Galaxy S3 Launch Party for work last May 28. I got to the NBC tent 3 hours earlier than the whole thing was about to start and the place was absolutely transformed. It was then I found out that the Philharmonic Orchestra was going to play for guests who were set out to enjoy a 5-course dinner prepared by the wonderful people behind Cibo. I was in for a treat.

Cibo Catering
This was the Timballo “Al Forno” which essentially is baked dome penne pasta with grilled melanzane. I will not pretend I know what these things actually are for now, I am copying out of the fancy menu sheet they gave us. The dish was made up of organic Negros Mozzarella, zucchine and Philippine ham, pink tomato cream, pesto drizzle and melanzane crisp (grilled eggplant!). This was crazy good. I unwrapped what appeared to be leaves (I guess this was the eggplant, oops) and just ended up eating what was inside. The tomato cream sauce was reminiscent of Cibo’s Telefono but the added mozzarella and ham made this eons better.

Cibo Catering
The Halibut “In Cartoccio” had fennel and onion confit, Sagada orange and Tagaytay Haricot Vert. This tasted really clean and fresh, liked the touch of the orange and the greens to cleanse my mouth from the heavy richness of the first dish.

Cibo Catering
I had no idea what a Lemon-Basil Sgroppino could possibly be. I was prepping myself for some really light salad when the waiter brought this out and served it to us. After consultation from the Google servers, I discovered that Sgroppinos are Italian cocktails. All I can say about this is wow. I wish I could enter a restaurant and order this all the time instead of iced tea. I’m a big Mojito fan and this was just as refreshing. It was served with soft-crushed ice (as you can see in the photo) and man, it was really good. I wish they used bigger glasses. HAHA

Cibo Catering
The Slow Roast US Beef Belly was served with Pommery mustard glaze, truffle cream and red wine au jus. There were also roasted summer veggies and potato torte. I literally died when this came out. They combined my two favorite things and pulled it off so perfectly. The beef belly was seasoned and cooked wonderfully, the meat was tender (as expected) and was bursting with flavor. It was wonderfully countered by the truffle cream that tasted light yet distinct. Ugh. So good. This might be a secret but my friend and I actually did some begging and puppy eyes (embarrassing anecdote right there) with the waiter and managed to get seconds cause this was amazing and they had more to spare considering not all the guests showed up.

Cibo Catering
Last was the Almond Crusted Mascarpone Millefoglie which in regular terms would be Dulce de Leche, Fresh Panocha-Baguio Strawberry laced with a Muscovado-Rum. It was at this point that I realized that Margarita Fores is a genius and needs to be my best friend. Seriously. She can do no wrong and I hope in my heart that every fancy event I go to is catered by Cibo.

Cibo Di M Signature Caterer
The Commissary at Whitespace
2314 Chino Roces Ave Extension, formerly Pasong Tamo Extension, 1231 Makati, Philippines
Phone number: +632 7290030 local 101;
+63917 5138945 Anna Lopez
Operating Hours: Mon – Fri 09:00 – 20:00
Sat: 09:00-18:00
Sun: 09:00-17:00

  1. Carina said:

    Why wasn’t I your companion? 😦

    • Sarie said:

      Next time! I’ll take you to my nice shoots then we can hang out after. 🙂

    • Sarie said:

      Sorry to disappoint but to be honest, I haven’t even tried dinuguan ever.

      • Filipinos don’t all eat it? I thought that was like one of the first solid food babies eat. Or maybe it was just in my fam…. Great post, though. Food looks great

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