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Cue Modern Barbecue
In it’s soft opening stages, my mom took my brother and I to Cue Modern Barbeque. We were all looking forward to trying it out cause a whole lot of people have been raving about it. My friend Jason’s already eaten there five times since it opened this month and loves it to bits.

Cue Modern Barbecue
Interiors of this place are interesting. Look at that cow carpeted ceiling! Overall, Cue’s got their branding and identity really spot on. Their menu utilizes more than 3 distinct typefaces which usually is taboo but weirdly they manage to pull it off. I wonder who worked on it.

Cue Modern Barbecue
We were right on time for the 7:30 reservation and I skimmed through the menu with an idea of what to order. Jason recommended the Bone Marrow and Steak Tacos and their Burgers which were both great.

Cue Modern Barbecue
Bone Marrow and Steak Tacos (Php 485) Despite the cholesterol and my unfortunate weight gain, I couldn’t refuse this dish EVER. It’s kind of gross to think about chowing down some poor cow’s bone marrow but the rich flavor is enough to make me happy I’m a carnivore. The steak bits are tender and go well with the tortilla, slathered with a knife full of marrow and some salsa verde. This is a definite must on your table.

Cue Modern Barbecue
My brother took Jason’s advice and went straight for The House Burger (Php 395) which he really enjoyed. My mom and I attacked his kamote fries right when the order came. They were sweet and fried well, didn’t feel greasy at all.

Cue Modern Barbecue
The burger had two patties, I think. It was really thick and the beef tasted great. The winner here though, was the cheese! Look at it, it’s gorgeous. I shamelessly took a huge bite out of this and liked it. For a person who was never really hot on burgers, this should mean a lot.

Cue Modern Barbecue
Mom ordered their BBQ Brisket Ragu (Php 335). It looked really good but it was honestly just okay. Kind of boring, actually. It had a tomato cream base and had some pulled beef and pork. I was missing the BBQ here. It really just tasted like plain ol’ tomato cream pasta with bits of beef and pork, something I could’ve easily put together at home.

Cue Modern Barbecue
And then my order came on a cast-iron skillet. I had their Beef Belly (Php 695) with garlic rice and the Homemade BBQ Sauce. Absolutely loved the presentation but it saddens me to say that this looked better than it tasted.

Cue Modern Barbecue
It was charred and pretty but it turned out pretty bland. I really am a beef belly fiend and I usually get my fix at the Salcedo market or at El Cirkulo. Had high expectations for this dish, read it was mustard rubbed but I couldn’t seem to taste anything. I resorted to asking the waiter for salt, which I find to be a sad thing. It wasn’t as tender as expected either. In terms of sauce, the BBQ sauce was just regular to me. Good but nothing great.

Cue Modern Barbecue
With my mom and I unsatisfied with our orders, we peeked at the table next to us and gingerly eyed their platter of corned beef. So we ordered away and we found our winner. The Hand-cut Charred Corned Beef (Php 565) was adequately brined, tender and gave me a happy belly. It came with corn rice and a bunch of boiled veggies which were fresh and tasty. Really tasty. I love that they used red cabbage, it’s much better than just the regular (at least, to me). I’m not one for horseradish but my mom loved it. I preferred to dip it in what I think is it’s own juice (right-most sauce).

Cue Modern Barbecue
Lil Bro had an order of Freshly Brewed Iced Tea (Php 90) which was freshly brewed indeed. I just felt like posting this because the jar they used was cute.

Overall, I despite the misses on some of the dishes, Cue’s certainly packs an enjoyable dining experience. Service is great, ambiance is A+ and food is considerably good. I’d definitely wait til they’re really open and not on ‘soft opening’ before I head back. Some items just need a little push.

‘Cue Modern Barbeque
Space NELG 105, Lower Ground Floor
Bonifacio High Street Central,
Global City, 1630 Taguig,
Phone Number: 0917 899 2283
Operating Hours – Mon – Sun: 11:30-15:00 / 18:00-23:00

  1. anna said:

    chip locsin was the graphic designer that worked on the menu 🙂

    • Sarie said:

      Lovely, thanks for the heads up! I’m keen on checking his portfolio out. He did such a great job with Cue. 🙂

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