Kaishu at NAIA Terminal 3 or Why Airport Downtime Isn’t So Bad

I don’t know how to say this without completely fangirling but Kaishu makes me happy about airport downtime. When I find out my flight departs from terminal 3, I tell whoever I’m with that we are definitely eating at “the Japanese restaurant near SBC”. I recently learned it was called Kaishu when I was looking through my photos and found this rushed candid one and although it advertises rice and noodles, I’ve only ever tried one dish from there.

Chicken Teriyaki is the one reason I keep coming back. At about Php 185, you get miso soup and this entirely filling donburi. The rice in this thing is absolute perfection, soft and sticky but with grains firm enough for that distinctive Japanese quality. The chicken itself is deep-fried and breaded just right and slathered with sweet teriyaki sauce, garnished with spring onions, sesame seeds and nori strips. Taste wise, it’s pretty similar to Bonchon’s soy garlic blend but the nori strips and tender bits of what seems to be a chopped up thigh fillet certainly give this dish an edge.

My brother wanted to go a different route this time and ordered their Fried Chicken (Php 210) which also came with rice and some soup. The chicken was fried well and really crisp, I believe it was seasoned Chinese style but it isn’t very memorable. It’ll be enough though if you’re really just craving some plain ol’ fried chicken.

I forgot how much this was but we had an order of Gyoza to share and it was pretty good as well, not memorable or anything but good. I enjoy my Gyoza toasted and this wasn’t but the flavor was there. To be honest though, the Chicken Teriyaki is worth the visit in itself. I don’t know when I’m travelling again yet but when I do, that’s where you’ll probably find me.


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