Discovering Palm Fruit in Cambodia

After climbing the tall, steep steps of Angkor Wat, we were all tired and thirsty. On the walkway between barren the barren structures of two libraries that once were, stood a juice vendor that pegged my mom’s curiosity. She was the first to try his palm fruit juice, which he sold at KHR 2000 (aka $0.50).

He served the juice out of these wooden thermos type things which certainly added to the flavor. The juice was really sweet, so sweet that I can only draw comparison for this by comparing it to mildly blunt sugarcane juice with a touch of smoky wood. There’s also a similarity to buko in terms of consistency, it’s just on the yellow side.

It would’ve tasted wondrous chilled but it was refreshing even at the default outside temperature that it was. I think my brother had two servings in total. We drank out of plastic bags, which reminded me of buying soda aka soft drinks by the street back home.

I wanted to drink this again when I was there but we couldn’t find the vendor anymore. All I can do is hope that someone reading this knows where I can get a hold of some palm fruit here in the Philippines. I don’t think I’ve seen it at local grocery stores.

The day after, outside one of the temples, there was a row of women peeling and selling some palm fruit. Curiosity got the better of us and we decided to buy some. The fruit itself is clear in color and has a Jell-O like consistency. When bitten, the juice bursts right in your mouth. The fruit itself is sweet but bluntly so, not the over-powering type that’ll get you to want to down a gulp of water after.

This was the palm fruit vendor’s son who eagerly modeled his waffle.

  1. gingerparas said:

    Isn’t Kaong Palm Fruit?

  2. Nice Little Robot said:

    I absolutely adore your photographs! What lens do you use?

    • Sarie said:

      Gee, thanks! 🙂 For this set, I used a Canon 28mm f1.8.

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